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Many of our projects involve large-scale collaborations with other departments both inside and outside of Cambridge. Here are some of these projects with their own websites:

  • MACH: Mathematics for Applications in Cultural Heritage. This project is in collaboration with The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the Cambridge Faculty of Classics, and the Hamilton Kerr institute.
  • PET++: Improving Localisation, Diagnosis and Quantification in Clinical and Medical PET Imaging with Randomised Optimisation. This project includes collaborators from the University of Bath, the University of Oxford, University College London, KTH Stockholm, Kings College London, the University of Helsinki, and Addenbrookes' Hospital/
  • INTEGRAL: Robust and Efficient Analysis Approaches of Remote Imagery for Assessing Population and Forest Health in India. This project is in collaboration with the Cambridge Department of Plant Sciences, and it inlcudes as partners C40 Cities, Cognizant Technology Solutions, the Forest Survey of India, the German Aerospace Centre, Iora Ecological Solutions, and KritiKal Solutions.