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Course description: [pdf]

Lecturer: Hanne Kekkonen (

Lectures will take place from 17 January 2019 -  12 March 2019 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 10am in MR14.

Slides of the opening lecture: [pdf]

Lecture notes: The lecture notes will be updated after the lectures and can be downloaded here [pdf]


Examples classes/sheets: Example sheets will be made available one week before the deadline. Hand in your answers by 4pm on the previous Friday (in the DAMTP pigeonhole K).

Monday 11 February, 2-3pm MR4 [pdf]

Monday 4 March, 2-3pm MR9 [pdf]

Revision class:


Exam: Monday 10 June 2018 from 9am to 11am.