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The European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB) awards the Reinhart-Heinrich Doctoral Thesis Award for the best doctoral thesis in the area of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology. Huge congratulations to Dr Lisa Maria Kreusser, who is this year's recipient.

Lisa completed her PhD in Cambridge in 2019 and since then she has been a Nevile Research Fellow at Magdalene College, a CCIMI research fellow and a member of the Cambridge Image Analysis group, where she works on her own research programme in the field of partial differential equations in biology and data science.

Her thesis 'Anisotropic nonlinear PDE models and dynamical systems in biology' deals with the analysis and numerical simulation of anisotropic nonlinear PDEs and dynamical systems in biology. It is divided into two parts: Part I is motivated by the simulation of fingerprint patterns and deals with a class of anisotropic interaction equations, while Part II focuses on mathematical models for biological transportation networks describing living systems such as leaf venation in plants and blood circulatory systems.


For more information on her work, please refer to her webpage