Safety in the GK Batchelor Laboratory

In-house documentation and procedures

Laboratory Manual [Manual.pdf]

Base Risk Assessment form [BaseRA1.doc] [BaseRA1.pdf]

COSHH Risk Assessment form [COSHHRA2.doc] [COSHHRA2.pdf]

Laser Risk Assessment form [LaserRA3.doc] [LaserRA3.pdf]

Laser Authorisation [LaserAuth4.doc] [LaserAuth4.pdf]

Biological Risk Assessment form [BioRA5.docx] [BioRA5.pdf ]


Induction Risk Assessment requirements [InductionsRAs.pdf]

Induction checklist - Main laboratory [InductionsMainLab.pdf]

Induction checklist - Biological laboratories [InductionsGoldLab.pdf]

Cold Room induction and summary

Hot Work Permit (doc)

Volatile Solvent Permit (doc)

External links

CMS Safety Policy

University Safety Policy

University Safety Office

Accident report form