Potential-Vorticity Inversion on a Hemisphere

(Michael E. McIntyre and Warwick A. Norton)


Balance and the slow quasimanifold: some explicit results

(Rupert Ford, Michael E. McIntyre, and Warwick A. Norton)

These companion papers appeared in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 1 May 2000 issue, vol. 57 pages 1214--1235 and 1236--1253 respectively. Here are the reprints, copyright © American Meteorological Society: first paper (0.9 Mbyte; minor corrigendum here); second paper (0.3 Mbyte).

Some further comments and correpondence appeared in the same Journal in late 2002, along with information about the Rupert Ford Memorial Fund. The latest twists and turns and literature references -- about Lighthill and non-Lighthill radiation -- can be found in a NEWreview under consideration for the J. Atmos. Sci. Special Collection on `Spontaneous Imbalance'. This paper is titled Spontaneous imbalance and hybrid vortex-gravity structures (.pdf, 0.5 Mbyte).

The minor Corrigendum is separately available here.

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