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  • Thomas C. Day, Stephanie S.M.H. Höhn, Seyed A. Zamani-Dahaj, David Yanni, Anthony Burnetti, Jennifer Pentz, Aurelia R. Honerkamp-Smith, Hugo Wioland, Hannah R. Sleath, William C. Ratcliff, Raymond E. Goldstein, and Peter J. Yunker. Cellular Organization in Lab-Evolved and Extant Multicellular Species Obeys a Maximum Entropy Law. eLife 11, e72707 (2022)

  • Daniele Agostinelli, Robert Cerbino, Juan C. Del Alamo, Antonio DeSimone, S.M.H. Höhn, Cristian Micheletti, Giovanni Noselli, Eran Sharon and Julia Yeomans. MicroMotility: state of the art, recent accomplishments and perspectives on the mathematical modeling of bio-motility at microscopic scales. Mathematics in Engineering 2(2): 230 (2020).

  • Pierre A. Haas, Stephanie S.M.H. Höhn, Aurelia R. Honerkamp-Smith, Julius B. Kirkegaard and Raymond E. Goldstein. The noisy basis of morphogenesis: Mechanisms and mechanics of cell sheet folding inferred from developmental variability. PLOS Biology 16 (7): e2005536 (2018).

  • Stephanie S.M.H. Höhn and Armin Hallmann. Distinct shape-shifting regimes of bowl-shaped cell sheets - embryonic inversion in the multicellular green alga Pleodorina. BMC Developmental Biology 16: 35 (2016).

  • See also comment on this article.

  • Stephanie S.M.H. Höhn, Aurelia R. Honerkamp-Smith, Pierre A. Haas, Philipp Khuc Trong, and Raymond E. Goldstein. Dynamics of a Volvox Embryo Turning Itself Inside Out. Physical Review Letters 114, 178101 (2015). [pdf]

  • See also Physics Viewpoint by A. Boudaoud, Physics, 8, 39 (2015). [pdf]
    and video in the New York Times.

  • Stephanie S.M.H. Höhn and Armin Hallmann. There is more than one way to turn a spherical cellular monolayer inside out: type B embryo inversion in Volvox globator. BMC Biology 9: 89 (2011). [pdf]

  • See also comment on this article, BMC Biology, 9: 90 (2015). [pdf]