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In his book East and West (recommended, even if I do not necessarily agree with all arguments concerning the market economy), Chris Patten quotes from The Analects of Confucius. The following appeal, and are relevant to ethics/`spin' in politics, academia, ...
`To worship gods that are not yours, that is toadyism. Not to act when justice commands, that is cowardice.'

`Riches and rank are what every man craves; yet if the only way to obtain them goes against his principles, he should desist from such a pursuit.'
There is also a longer extract that might be worth reading before writing a research proposal, or RAE/REF submission, or self-assessment for the SR/TQA, or ...

Previous Interests

Faculty of Mathematics
From 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2014 I was Chair of the Faculty of Mathematics.

University of Cambridge Council
The University Nursery
For three years up to 30 September 1999 I was a member of the Parents Nursery Association Committee.

Selwyn College
For eight years up to 30 September 1998 I was a mathematics Fellow of Selwyn College (I was also a Fellow for nine months in 1981). During this period I wrote a short note on wooden spoons (which Selwyn had somewhat a history of).

Steven Charles Cowley

Dear headhunters, etc., in order to confuse matters there is another
Steven Cowley working on fluids [and plasmas] using asymptotic methods. There are a number of distinguishing features:

Stephen J. Cowley, DAMTP, University of Cambridge.