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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


  • 1997-2000 Wellcome Trust Fellow in Mathematical Biology, Edinburgh
  • 2000-2001 Lecturer, School of Informatics, Edinburgh
  • 2001-2004 Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship, St Louis and Edinburgh
  • 2004-2006 Lecturer, DAMTP
  • 2006-2015 Senior Lecturer, DAMTP
  • 2015- Reader. DAMTP


Stephen Eglen is a computational neuroscientist: he uses computational methods to study the development of the nervous system, using mostly the retina and other parts of the visual pathway as a model system. He is particularly interested in questions of structural and functional development:

Structural development: how do retinal neurons acquire their positional information within a circuit?

Functional development: what are the mechanisms by which neurons make contact with each other, to perform functioning circuits?

Selected Publications

Please see my publications page


Homeostatic Activity-Dependent Tuning of Recurrent Networks for Robust Propagation of Activity
J Gjorgjieva, JF Evers, SJ Eglen
– J Neurosci
Characterization of early cortical neural network development in multiwell microelectrode array plates
E Cotterill, D Hall, K Wallace, WR Mundy, SJ Eglen, TJ Shafer
– Journal of biomolecular screening
Towards standard practices for sharing computer code and programs in neuroscience
S Eglen, B Marwick, Y Halchenko, M Hanke, S Sufi, P Gleeson, A Silver, A Davison, L Lanyon, M Abrams, T Wachtler, D Willshaw, C Pouzat, J-B Poline
Geniculo-Cortical projection diversity revealed within the mouse visual thalamus
MN Leiwe, AC Hendry, AD Bard, SJ Eglen, AS Lowe, ID Thompson
– PLoS One
Requirements for storing electrophysiology data.
FT Sommer, T Wachtler, JL Teeters, J Benda, AP Davison, SJ Eglen, RC Gerkin, JS Grethe, J Grewe, KD Harris, CJ Kellner, YL Franc, R Moucek, D Prodanov, R Pröpper, HL Sessions, L Smith, A Sobolev, A Stoewer, B Wark
– CoRR
Homeostatic activity-dependent tuning of recurrent networks for robust propagation of activity
J Gjorgjieva, JF Evers, S Eglen
Estimating the location and size of retinal injections from orthogonal images of an intact retina
JJJ Hjorth, E Savier, DC Sterratt, M Reber, SJ Eglen
– BMC Neurosci
Editorial: Quantitative Analysis of Neuroanatomy.
JML Budd, H Cuntz, SJ Eglen, P Krieger
– Front Neuroanat
Canalization of genetic and pharmacological perturbations in developing primary neuronal activity patterns.
P Charlesworth, A Morton, SJ Eglen, NH Komiyama, SGN Grant
– Neuropharmacology
Quantitative differences in developmental profiles of spontaneous activity in cortical and hippocampal cultures
P Charlesworth, E Cotterill, A Morton, SGN Grant, SJ Eglen
– Neural development
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Research Group

Computational Biology