Below you can find various code produced by members of the group.

Generalised sampling from Fourier measurements

by Clarice Poon and Milana Gataric. Code download v1.1 (616 KB), Feb 2016. This is a Matlab implementation of generalized sampling for the reconstruction of wavelet coefficients from Fourier measurements. Precomputed Matlab data for the examples is available here (385 MB). A detailed description of the implementation can be found in M. Gataric and C. Poon, A practical guide to the recovery of wavelet coefficients from Fourier measurements.

Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform

By Bogdan Roman. Download v1.3 (100 kB), Oct 2014. This is a (very) Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform in C++ with Matlab (MEX) bindings. It supports sequency and natural ordering, multi-core/multi-cpu and complex values. It is orders of magnitude faster than Matlab's fwht() function. Includes 64bit binaries for Linux, MacOSX and Windows, and Matlab wrappers for 1D and 2D transforms, unitary and non-unitary.