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Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group


European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*)
Trento, Italy
2-6 April 2012



Recent advances in lattice QCD methods and computational power have made possible the accurate calculation of hadronic quantities to an unprecedented precision. Many properties of the B meson are now well-known but require advancement in techniques to further reduce uncertainties. Following on from the success of the Tevatron experiments, the LHC will present new opportunities to study the properties of the Bs meson and beautiful baryons such as the ?b. Therefore this is a good time to review the current status of relevant recent lattice calculations as well as to map the route ahead for new lattice calculations.

This workshop aims to bring together experts from the following communities with the goal of directing lattice QCD efforts so that the most can be made of experimental measurements involving beautiful mesons and baryons:

* b quarks on the lattice
* baryons on the lattice
* chiral perturbation theory, esp. for beautiful mesons and baryons
* phenomenology of B, Bs , ?b decays (leptonic, semi-leptonic, and rare decays)

Link to schedule of talks and slides

Speakers include

T Blake (CERN) D Hesse (Parma)
C Bobeth (TU Munich) A Khodjamirian (Siegen)
V Braun (Regensburg) A Kronfeld (Fermilab)
T Burch (Regensburg) A Lenz (CERN)
J-W Chen (National Taiwan Univ.) R Lewis (York Univ., Toronto)
C Davies (Glasgow) S Meinel (William and Mary)
P Dimopoulos (Tor Vergata, Roma) C Monahan (William and Mary)
R Dowdall (Glasgow) K Seth (Northwestern)
T Feldmann (Siegen) R Sommer (DESY)
P Fritzch (Humboldt Univ., Berlin) N Uraltsev (Notre Dame)
E Gamiz (Granada) O Witzel (Boston Univ.)


Matthew Wingate (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
William Detmold (College of William and Mary, Jefferson Laboratory)
C.-J. David Lin (National Chiao Tung University)

This workshop is funded by:

  • Beautiful Mesons and Baryons on the Lattice, ECT, Trento, 2-6 April 2012.