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Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group


Cambridge HEP Theory Group 2023




Thanks to Tobias Baldauf for photography


Thanks to Gareth Marlow for photography

  1. Dr M Wingate, Prof N Manton, Ms A Stagg, Prof N Dorey, Dr M Dunjaski,
  2. Mr S Meinel, A, B, C, Dr David Tong, Ms C Schelpe, Prof H Osborn, Dr J Evans
  3. Dr E Lim, Mr S Kom, Ms C Burrage, Mr C Pedder, A, Prof R Horgan, B
  4. Mr S Krippendorf, Mr M Dolan, C, Dr J Gutowski, E
  5. Prof N Turok, F, Dr B Allanach, G, Prof F Quevedo, H, Mr E Bassouls, I, J