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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Potential supervisors

The following members of staff will consider admitting a new PhD student for entry October 2021:

  • Dr R. Adhikari
  • Professor N. G. Berloff
  • Dr M. Bruna
    • Research interests in multiscale modelling of interacting particle systems, diffusion and kinetic PDEs, asymptotic methods, homogenisation of porous media, collective animal behaviour, stochastic agent-based simulation algorithms, mathematical biology and industrial mathematics
  • Professor M. E. Cates
    • Research interests in soft condensed matter, statistical physics, active matter, statistical field theory and non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
  • Professor C. P. Caulfield
  • Dr S. J. Cowley
  • Professor S. B. Dalziel
  • Professor R. E. Goldstein
  • Professor P. H. Haynes
  • Dr R. L. Jack
  • Professor R. R. Kerswell
    • Research interests in high-Reynolds number fluid mechanics (hydrodynamic stability, transition and turbulence), rotating and stratified flows with applications to oceans, atmospheres, planetary motion and accretion disks, visco-elastic flows, machine-learning and optimization/variational methods in fluid mechanics
  • ProfessorĀ E. Lauga
    • Research interests in biological fluid mechanics, complex fluids, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, biological physics, viscous flows and mathematical biology
  • Professor J. R. Lister
  • Dr J. A. Neufeld
    • Research interests in subglacial hydrology and glacial geomorphology, magma ocean solidification, solidification driven dynamos in planetesimals, geological carbon storage, visco-elastic tectonics, experimental fluid mechanics and impact cratering
  • Professor N. Peake
  • Professor B. Simons
  • Dr J. R. Taylor
    • Research interests in fluid dynamics of oceanography including ocean turbulence and mixing, frontal dynamics, ice sheet/ocean interactions, and the influence of physics on biology and pollutants
  • Professor M. G. Worster
    • Research interests in glacial dynamics and sea ice, solidification of solutions and colloidal suspensions, flows through hydrogels