David Skinner: Lectures on Theoretical Physics


Mathematical Methods

An introduction to the Laplace, heat and wave equations, using Fourier Series and Transforms and the method of characteristics. Aimed at second year undergraduates.


Principles of Quantum Mechanics

A second course on quantum mechanics, using Dirac's notation. Introduces Hilbert spaces, unitary representations of Lie groups, and perturbation theory. Aimed at third year undergraduates.

[QCD vacuum]

Quantum Field Theory

A second course in Quantum Field Theory, aimed at Part III Masters students. It covers the Wilsonian renormalization group, Effective Field Theory, and non-Abelian gauge theories.



An introduction to Supersymmetry, aimed at Part III Masters students. It focuses on mathematical applications of supersymmetric theories, such as index theorems, localization, quantum cohomology and Donaldson-Witten theory.