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Strings 2002




The conference will take place in the Cavendish Laboratory. This is located to the west of the City Centre. It is most easily accessed via a short walk along the Coton footpath, which is an extension of Adams Road. Car access to the laboratory is from Madingley Road (take the JJ Thomson Avenue turning). Note that there is very limited car parking space. The sessions will be held in the Pippard Lecture Theatre which is close to the rear entrance that is reached via the Coton footpath. The rear entrance should also be used by those parking in the car park (do not use the main entrance to the building). A detailed map of the Cavendish is available.

The building will be open from 7:30am until 6:00pm each day.

Conference contact information:

Before July 15:

Strings 2002, DAMTP/CMS
Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA
phone: +44 1223 765317,   fax: +44 1223 766883

Between July 15 and July 20:

Strings 2002
Cavendish Laboratory
Madingley Road, Cambridge
phone: +44 1223 765280

Computing facilities

There are thirty terminals in a room close to the Pippard Lecture Theatre that is clearly sign posted. These will allow you to use ssh or telnet to your host institutions and use the web. Each work station has a separate id and password. You may download files but individual participants will not have separate accounts. It is not expected that participants will need to use the printer and it will be severely restricted.

Coffee/Tea breaks

Coffee, tea and other refreshments will be provided in the morning and afternoon breaks in two large rooms close to the Pippard Lecture Theatre.


Lunch in Robinson College is included in the registration fee for those who have paid the full fee. The lunch breaks allow ample time for the walk to Robinson and a leisurely lunch. Please let the conference secretariat know if you are not intending to take lunch in Robinson (however, refunds are not possible).

Cavendish cafeteria

The cafeteria will be able to serve a limited number of participants and can be used, for example, by students who have paid the lower registration fee that does not include the Robinson lunches. There is also a restaurant called "West" close to the Cavendish site.

Online proceedings

There will be no hard copy of the proceedings. The web archive will contain scanned transparencies and audio versions of each talk. In addition each speaker has been assigned space in the archive for an enhanced description of their talk, in which they should insert links to their own, or other people's, work on the xxx archive. There will also be an archived video recording of each talk.

Getting around (bicycle, bus, taxi, train)

Bicycles can be rented from Mike's Bikes, 28 Mill Road, 01223-312591. Strings participants will receive a 10 percent discount.

Taxi stands are located at the railway station, bus station and Market Square in the city centre. Click here for a map of the latter (the taxi stands are depicted with a white car on a blue square).

The bus station is located at Drummer Street. Click here to see its location on the Cambridge map.

The train station is located to the south of the centre, about 20-30 minutes walk from the centre. Click here to see its location on the Cambridge map.

Tourist information

The Cambridge tourist information office has its own website.

A searchable list of Cambridge restaurants can be found on this web site.