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Strings 2002


name affiliation title
Bobby Acharya (Rutgers) "M-theory, G2 manifolds and four-dimensional physics"
Nima Arkani-Hamed (Harvard) "Dimensional deconstruction and physics in theory space"
Michael Atiyah (Edinburgh) "Twisted K-theory and physics"
Costas Bachas (ENS, Paris) "Branes in AdS spacetimes and holography"
Tom Banks (U. of California, Santa Cruz and Rutgers) "A critique of pure string theory"
David Berenstein (IAS, Princeton) "N=1 dualities and the dynamics of brane anti-brane systems"
Nathan Berkovits (Sao Paulo, Brazil) "Applications of the covariant formalism for superstrings and the supermembrane"
Lorenzo Cornalba (Amsterdam) "A resolution of the cosmological singularity with orientifolds"
Robbert Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam) "Matrix models, topological strings and supersymmetric gauge theories"
Nick Dorey (Swansea) "Elliptic models at large-N, (little) worldsheet instantons and integrable systems"
Michael Douglas (Rutgers) "Mastering N=1"
José Figueroa-O'Farrill (Edinburgh) "Geometry of supersymmetric pp-waves"
Steve Giddings (UCSB) "Warped compactification phenomenology"
Amit Giveon (Racah, Jerusalem) "From big bang to big crunch and beyond"
Sergei Gukov (Princeton) "The geometry of rational conformal field theories"
Michael Gutperle (Harvard) "Spacelike branes"
Gary Horowitz (UCSB) "Comments on spacetime singularities"
Luis Ibáñez (Autonoma, Madrid) "The intersection numbers of the Standard Model"
Nobuyuki Ishibashi (KEK) "On wrapped membranes"
Shamit Kachru (Stanford) "New phenomena in compactifications with flux"
Hikaru Kawai (Kyoto) "Spontaneous breaking of rotational symmetry in IIB matrix model"
Igor Klebanov (Princeton) "Some stringy aspects of the AdS/CFT duality"
Dieter Lüst (Humboldt) "Intersecting brane worlds on Calabi-Yau orientifolds"
Juan Maldacena (IAS, Princeton) "Strings on plane waves"
Juan Maldacena (IAS, Princeton) "Some thoughts on the wave function of the universe"
Shiraz Minwalla (Harvard) "PP-wave string interactions from Yang Mills"
Greg Moore (Rutgers) "Strings on time dependent orbifolds I"
David Morrison (Duke) "Half K3 surfaces"
Sunil Mukhi (Tata and IAS) "Strings from quivers"
Nikita Nekrasov (IHES \& ITEP) "Solution of N=2 gauge theories via instanton counting"
Hermann Nicolai (AEI Golm) "E10 and the BKL limit of M theory"
Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech) "Worldsheet derivation of a large N duality"
Joe Polchinski (ITP, Santa Barbara) "Deep inelastic scattering and the growth of strings"
Alexander Polyakov (Princeton) "Old and new aspects of the gauge/strings correspondence"
Chris Pope (Texas A & M) "Special holonomy and the conifold"
Pierre Ramond (Gainesville, Florida) "Higher spin massless particles"
Lisa Randall (Harvard) "Unification in warped extra dimensions and bulk holography"
Leonardo Rastelli (Princeton) "Progress in open string field theory"
John Schwarz (Caltech) "Superstrings in a plane-wave background"
Nathan Seiberg (Rutgers) "Strings on time dependent orbifolds II"
Ashoke Sen (Allahabad and Penn State) "Tachyon dynamics in open string theory"
Stephen Shenker (Stanford) "Inflation as a window into short distance physics"
Eva Silverstein (SLAC) "Something from `nothing'"
Kostas Skenderis (Princeton) "Supersymmetric completion of the R^4 term in IIB supergravity"
Andrew Strominger (Harvard) "The nature of time in string theory"
Wati Taylor (MIT) "Computing tree and loop amplitudes in string field theory"
Arkady Tseytlin (Imperial College and Ohio State) "Semiclassical quantization of superstrings in AdS_5 x S^5"
Cumrun Vafa (Harvard) "Superstrings and topological strings at large N"
Gabriele Veneziano (CERN) "Can string cosmology face the challenge of CMB anisotropies?"
Erik Verlinde (Princeton) "On the partition function of the five-brane"