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SPICE connection mosaics to link the Sun’s surface and the heliosphere
T Varesano, DM Hassler, N Zambrana Prado, J Plowman, G Del Zanna, S Parenti, HE Mason, A Giunta, F Auchère, M Carlsson, A Fludra, H Peter, D Müller, D Williams, R Aznar Cuadrado, K Barczynski, E Buchlin, M Caldwell, T Fredvik, T Grundy, S Guest, L Harra, M Janvier, T Kucera, S Leeks, W Schmutz, U Schuehle, S Sidher, L Teriaca, W Thompson, SL Yardley
– Astronomy & Astrophysics
Determining the Nanoflare Heating Frequency of an X-Ray Bright Point Observed by MaGIXS
B Mondal, PS Athiray, AR Winebarger, SL Savage, K Kobayashi, S Bradshaw, W Barnes, PR Champey, P Cheimets, J Dudík, L Golub, HE Mason, DE McKenzie, CS Moore, C Madsen, KK Reeves, P Testa, GD Vigil, HP Warren, RW Walsh, G Del Zanna
– The Astrophysical Journal
Satellite lines from autoionizing states of Fe XVI and the problems with the X-ray Fe XVII lines
GD Zanna, NR Badnell, PJ Storey
Flow induced by the rotation of two circular cylinders in a viscous fluid
E Dormy, HK Moffatt
– Physical Review Fluids
The turbulent variability of accretion discs observed at high energies
A Mummery, SGD Turner
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
CHIANTI -- an atomic database for emission lines -- Paper XVIII. Version 11, advanced ionization equilibrium models: density and charge transfer effects
RP Dufresne, GD Zanna, PR Young, KP Dere, E Deliporanidou, WT Barnes, E Landi
Spectral Imager of the Solar Atmosphere: The First Extreme-Ultraviolet Solar Integral Field Spectrograph Using Slicers
A Calcines Rosario, F Auchère, AJ Corso, G Del Zanna, J Dudík, S Gissot, LA Hayes, GS Kerr, C Kintziger, SA Matthews, S Musset, D Orozco Suárez, V Polito, HAS Reid, DF Ryan
– Aerospace
Chorus wave power at the strong diffusion limit overcomes electron losses due to strong diffusion
TA Daggitt, RB Horne, SA Glauert, G Del Zanna, JM Albert
– Nature Communications
Relativistic Phase Space Diffusion of Compact Object Binaries in Stellar Clusters and Hierarchical Triples
C Hamilton, RR Rafikov
– The Astrophysical Journal
The Solar Particle Acceleration Radiation and Kinetics (SPARK) Mission Concept
HAS Reid, S Musset, DF Ryan, V Andretta, F Auchère, D Baker, F Benvenuto, P Browning, É Buchlin, A Calcines Rosario, SD Christe, AJ Corso, J Dahlin, S Dalla, G Del Zanna, C Denker, J Dudík, R Erdélyi, I Ermolli, L Fletcher, A Fludra, LM Green, M Gordovskyy, SL Guglielmino, I Hannah, R Harrison, LA Hayes, AR Inglis, NLS Jeffrey, J Kašparová, GS Kerr, C Kintziger, EP Kontar, S Krucker, T Laitinen, P Laurent, O Limousin, DM Long, SA Maloney, P Massa, AM Massone, S Matthews, T Mrozek, VM Nakariakov, S Parenti, M Piana, V Polito, M Pesce-Rollins, P Romano, AP Rouillard, C Sasso, AY Shih, M Stęślicki, D Orozco Suárez, L Teriaca, M Verma, AM Veronig, N Vilmer, C Vocks, A Warmuth
– Aerospace
CHIANTI—An Atomic Database for Emission Lines. XVII. Version 10.1: Revised Ionization and Recombination Rates and Other Updates
KP Dere, G Del Zanna, PR Young, E Landi
– Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Evolution of Elemental Abundances in Hot Active Region Cores from Chandrayaan-2 XSM Observations
B Mondal, SV Vadawale, G Del Zanna, NPS Mithun, A Sarkar, HE Mason, P Janardhan, A Bhardwaj
– The Astrophysical Journal
New atomic data for C i Rydberg states compared with solar UV spectra
PJ Storey, RP Dufresne, G Del Zanna
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Formation of Gaps in Self-gravitating Debris Disks by Secular Resonance in a Single-planet System. II. Toward a Self-consistent Model
AA Sefilian, RR Rafikov, MC Wyatt
– Astrophysical Journal
Hinode EIS: updated in-flight radiometric calibration
GD Zanna, M Weberg, HP Warren
New atomic data for C I Rydberg states compared with solar UV spectra
PJ Storey, RP Dufresne, GD Zanna
A new 2D stochastic methodology for simulating variable accretion discs: propagating fluctuations and epicyclic motion
SGD Turner, CS Reynolds
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Towards a finite-time singularity of the Navier-Stokes equations. Part 3. Maximal vorticity amplification
HK Moffatt, Y Kimura
– Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Defining the Middle Corona
MJ West, DB Seaton, DB Wexler, JC Raymond, G Del Zanna, YJ Rivera, AR Kobelski, B Chen, C DeForest, L Golub, A Caspi, CR Gilly, JE Kooi, KA Meyer, BL Alterman, N Alzate, V Andretta, F Auchère, D Banerjee, D Berghmans, P Chamberlin, LP Chitta, C Downs, S Giordano, L Harra, A Higginson, RA Howard, P Kumar, E Mason, JP Mason, RJ Morton, K Nykyri, R Patel, L Rachmeler, KP Reardon, KK Reeves, S Savage, BJ Thompson, SJ Van Kooten, NM Viall, A Vourlidas, AN Zhukov
– Sol Phys
A benchmark study of atomic models for the transition region against quiet Sun observations
R Dufresne, GD Zanna, H Mason