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Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics and Nonlinear Dynamics

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Stellar Rotation: Discrepancies and New Results for High Mass Models
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Boundary Layers of Accretion Disks: Wave-Driven Transport and Disk Evolution
MSB Coleman, RR Rafikov, AA Philippov
Science Objectives for an X-Ray Microcalorimeter Observing the Sun
JM Laming, J Adams, D Alexander, M Aschwanden, C Bailey, S Bandler, J Bookbinder, S Bradshaw, N Brickhouse, J Chervenak, S Christe, J Cirtain, S Cranmer, S Deiker, E DeLuca, GD Zanna, B Dennis, G Doschek, M Eckart, A Fludra, F Finkbeiner, P Grigis, R Harrison, L Ji, C Kankelborg, V Kashyap, D Kelly, R Kelley, C Kilbourne, J Klimchuk, Y-K Ko, E Landi, M Linton, D Longcope, V Lukin, J Mariska, D Martinez-Galarce, H Mason, D McKenzie, R Osten, G Peres, A Pevtsov, KPFS Porter, D Rabin, C Rakowski, J Raymond, F Reale, K Reeves, J Sadleir, D Savin, J Schmelz, RK Smith, S Smith, R Stern, J Sylwester, D Tripathi, I Ugarte-Urra, P Young, H Warren, B Wood
How to build Tatooine: reducing secular excitation in Kepler circumbinary planet formation
RR Rafikov
– The Astrophysical Journal Letters
Eclipse timing the Milky Way's gravitational potential
S Chakrabarti, DJ Stevens, J Wright, RR Rafikov, P Chang, T Beatty, D Huber
A new general normal mode approach to dynamic tides in rotating stars with realistic structure and its applications
PB Ivanov, JCB Papaloizou, SV Chernov
– Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions, 2015, Vol. 28, Issue 4, p. 355-366
Observational Implications of Precessing Protostellar Discs and Jets
MR Bate, IA Bonnell, CJ Clarke, SH Lubow, GI Ogilvie, JE Pringle, CA Tout
– Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.
The Center-to-Limb Variation of Non-Thermal Velocities using IRIS Si IV
YK Rao, GD Zanna, HE Mason
On the width and shape of the corotation region for low-mass planets
S-J Paardekooper, JCB Papaloizou
3D-MHD simulations of an accretion disk with star-disk boundary layer
A Steinacker, JCB Papaloizou
Disk-Planet Interactions During Planet Formation
JCB Papaloizou, RP Nelson, W Kley, FS Masset, P Artymowicz
Oscillations in solar-type stars tidally induced by orbiting planets
C Terquem, JCB Papaloizou, RP Nelson, DNC Lin
Non-thermal distributions and energy transport in the solar flares
S Matthews, GD Zanna, A Calcines, H Mason, M Mathioudakis, L Culhane, L Harra, LV Driel-Gesztelyi, L Green, D Long, D Baker, G Valori
Closing gaps to our origins. The UV window into the Universe
AIGD Castro, MA Barstow, F Baudin, S Benetti, JC Bouret, N Brosch, DD Martino, GD Zanna, C Evans, M García, B Gaensicke, C Kehrig, J Lapington, ALD Etangs, G Naletto, Y Nazé, C Neiner, J Nichols, M Orio, I Pagano, G Rauw, S Shore, G Tovmasian, A ud-Doula, K France, L Hillenbrand
A comparison of local simulations and reduced models of MRI-induced turbulence
HN Latter, Lesaffre, Balbus
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Precession of collimated outflows from young stellar objects
C Terquem, J Eisloffel, J Papaloizou, R Nelson
Critical Protoplanetary Core Masses in Protoplanetary Disks and the Formation of Short-Period Giant Planets
J Papaloizou, C Terquem