Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

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Research Activities

Recent Scientific Publications

On the quadratic invariant of binary sextics
by Maciej Dunajski, Roger Penrose (2015-04-29)
Consistency of the recent ATLAS $Z+E_T^{\rm miss}$ excess in a simplified GGM model
by B. C. Allanach, A. R. Raklev, A. Kvellestad (2015-04-13)
The two-loop superstring five-point amplitude and S-duality
by Humberto Gomez, Carlos R. Mafra, Oliver Schlotterer (2015-04-10)
Perturbative gauge theory at null infinity
by Tim Adamo, Eduardo Casali (2015-04-09)
Entanglement entropy converges to classical entropy around periodic orbits
by Curtis Asplund, David Berenstein (2015-03-04)

Forthcoming HEP Seminars

Vacuum Decay by Topological Solitons
by Manu Paranjape, Universitéde Montréal, (Tuesday May 26 16:00)
Title to be confirmed
by Daniele Dorigoni (DESY), (Thursday May 28 13:00)
Title to be confirmed
by Enzo Branchina (Catania U.& INFN), (Friday May 29 16:00)
Title to be confirmed
by Jan Troost (ENS), (Thursday June 4 13:00)
Title to be confirmed
by Adam Falkowski (Orsay, LPT), (Friday June 5 16:00)

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High Energy Particle Physics

This is one of two large groups in theoretical physics in DAMTP, the other being the General Relativity and Cosmology group. Advances on several fronts have led to a breakdown of the historical divisions between the two groups and several staff members are members of both. The group is active in Particle Physics Phenomenology, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, and Lattice Field Theory.