Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Research Activities

Recent Scientific Publications

Tetraquark operators in lattice QCD and exotic flavour states in the charm sector
by Gavin K. C. Cheung, Christopher E. Thomas, Jozef J. Dudek, Robert G. Edwards (2017-09-06)
One-loop monodromy relations on single cuts
by Alexander Ochirov, Piotr Tourkine, Pierre Vanhove (2017-07-21)
Dissecting Multi-Photon Resonances at the Large Hadron Collider
by B. C. Allanach, D. Bhatia, A. M. Iyer (2017-06-29)
Quarter-BPS states in orbifold sigma models with ADE singularities
by Kenny Wong, JHEP 1706:116 (2017) (2017-06-22)
Power Corrections From Decoupling of the Charm Quark
by F. Knechtli, T. Korzec, B. Leder, G. Moir (2017-06-16)

Forthcoming HEP Seminars

Precision in EFT studies for top quark and Higgs physics
by Eleni Vryonidou (CERN), (Friday October 6 16:00)
Exact Gravitational Wave Signatures from Colliding Extreme Black Holes
by Joan Camps (UCL), (Tuesday October 10 16:00)
Title to be confirmed
by Vera Guelpers (University of Southampton), (Friday October 13 16:00)
Towards bulk extension of near-horizon geometries
by Andrea Fontanella (Surrey), (Tuesday October 17 16:00)
by Harry Braden (Edinburgh), (Tuesday October 24 16:00)

Ph.D. Applications

Please refer to the DAMTP PhD Opportunities webpage.

High Energy Particle Physics

This is one of two large groups in theoretical physics in DAMTP, the other being the General Relativity and Cosmology group. Advances on several fronts have led to a breakdown of the historical divisions between the two groups and several staff members are members of both. The group is active in Particle Physics Phenomenology, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, and Lattice Field Theory.