Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Research Activities

Recent Scientific Publications

Einstein--Weyl Spaces and Near-Horizon Geometry
by Maciej Dunajski, Jan Gutowski, Wafic Sabra (2016-10-27)
Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector
by D. de Florian, B. C. Allanach et al (2016-10-26)
5D Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-Mills on the Lattice
by Anosh Joseph, PoS (LATTICE2016) 220 (2016-10-11)
Coupled-Channel Dπ, Dη and Ds Kbar Scattering from Lattice QCD
by G. Moir, M. Peardon, S. M. Ryan, C. E. Thomas, D. J. Wilson, JHEP 10 (2016) 011 (2016-10-04)
Excited and exotic charmonium, Ds and D meson spectra for two light quark masses
by G. K. C. Cheung, C. O'Hara, G. Moir, M. Peardon, S. M. Ryan, C. E. Thomas, D. Tims (2016-10-04)

Forthcoming HEP Seminars

Spectral stability of nonlinear Dirac equation
by Andrew Comech (Texas A&M), (Tuesday November 1 16:00)
Automorphic String Amplitudes
by Henrik Gustafsson -- Chalmers, (Thursday November 3 13:00)
MSSM4G scenario
by Sho Iwamoto, (Monday November 7 16:00)
Resurgence and novel solitons in eta-deformed principal chiral models
by Daniele Dorigoni (Durham), (Tuesday November 8 16:00)
Title to be confirmed
by Hugh Osborn - DAMTP, (Thursday November 10 13:00)

Ph.D. Applications

Please refer to the DAMTP PhD Opportunities webpage.

High Energy Particle Physics

This is one of two large groups in theoretical physics in DAMTP, the other being the General Relativity and Cosmology group. Advances on several fronts have led to a breakdown of the historical divisions between the two groups and several staff members are members of both. The group is active in Particle Physics Phenomenology, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, and Lattice Field Theory.