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Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group



Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

University of Cambridge
26th-27th April, 2011


Practical Information


This is the third in a series of workshops associated to the programme "Structure and Applications of the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence", funded by a European Research Council grant. This small workshop will cover a number of interrelated topics which reflect recent progress in supersymmetric gauge theory. This includes emergent integrability in the context of the AdS/CFT Correspondence and related developments in gauge theory scattering amplitudes as well as areas of recent progress in the study of theories with eight supercharges such as wall-crossing formulae, the AGT conjecture and applications to the quantization of integrable systems. The format will be a mixture of presentations and discussions, but it will be as informal as possible.


Luis Fernando Alday (Oxford) Boris Pioline (LPTHE Paris)
Nadav Drukker (Imperial) David Skinner (Perimeter Institute)
Gregory Korchemsky (Saclay) Emery Sokatchev (CERN/LAPTH)
Sungjay Lee (DAMTP Cambridge)


Nick Dorey
Michael Green
Harvey Reall
Amanda Stagg
David Tong


This workshop is funded by a European Research Council Advanced Research Grant.

  • Recent Developments in Supersymmetric Gauge Theory, Cambridge, April 26th-27th, 2011.