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Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group


A conference to celebrate the 60th birthday of Paul K Townsend

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
University of Cambridge
2nd - 3rd July, 2012



In a career spanning nearly 40 years, Professor Paul Townsend has made seminal contributions in the areas of supersymmetry, supergravity, dualities and the properties of extended objects or "branes". He has made some pivotal discoveries which revealed that the various string theories, which beforehand had thought to be just defined in ten spacetime dimensions, are all different aspects of a single eleven-dimensional theory, now called M-theory. Many of his discoveries have opened up avenues that are still being actively explored at the forefront of the subject.

List of participants

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Ana Achucarro (Leiden) David Mateos (ICREA - Spain)
Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen) Luca Mezincescu (Miami)
Mike Duff (Imperial) George Papadopoulos (Kings - London)
Jerome Gauntlett (Imperial) Ergin Sezgin (Texas A&M)
Murat Gunaydin (Penn State) Kostas Skenderis (Amsterdam)
Paul Howe (Kings - London) Kelly Stelle (Imperial)
Chris Hull (Imperial)
Neil Lambert (CERN)


Jerome Gauntlett
Gary Gibbons
Neil Lambert
Julian Sonner
Amanda Stagg

This workshop is sponsored by STFC and LMS