Tim Adamo (Cambridge)                               Scattering equations, supergravity, and the worldsheet 

Ofer Aharony (Weizmann)                             Rigid holography and 6d (2,0) theories on 5d AdS space

David Berenstein  (UCSB/Cambridge)          Entangling rates and the quantum holographic butterfly
Nathan Berkovits  (IFT, Sao Paolo)
               Origin of the Pure Spinor and Green-Schwarz Formalisms
Zvi Bern (UCLA)
                                            Ultraviolet surprises in gravity theories

Alejandra Castro  (Amsterdam)                     Anomalies and gaps in holographic entanglement entropy

Miranda Cheng  (Amsterdam)                        2d CFT and 3d Gravity – a Supersymmetric Analysis
Atish Dabholkar  (ICTP)
                                 Nonperturbative Quantum Entropy of Black Holes
Mihalis Dafermos  (Princeton/Cambridge)    
Classical black holes: backwards, forwards, inside and out
Eric D’Hoker (UCLA)
                                      Modular Structure of the Type IIB superstring low energy expansion
Daniele Dorigoni (Cambridge/DESY)            
Resurgent Methods in exactly solvable QFTs

George Efstathiou (Cambridge)                     Cosmology with Planck 2015

Roberto  Emparan  (Barcelona)                     Black holes in the 1/D expansion

Pau Figueras  (Cambridge)                            Black rings in global anti-de Sitter space
Matthias Gaberdiel  (ETH)                             Higher Spins and Strings 
Jerome Gauntlett   (Imperial)                        
Holographic Lattices
Joao Gomes  (Cambridge)                            Localization in supergravity and quantum AdS4/CFT3 holography
Steve  Gubser  (Princeton)                           
Holographic Fermi surfaces from top-down constructions
Daniel Harlow  (Princeton)
                             Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFT   
Sean Hartnoll (Stanford)                               
Physics without momentum      
Jeff Harvey  (Chicago)                                  
Construction of an Umbral Module 
Gary Horowitz (UCSB)                                  
Hovering Black Holes from Charged Defects            
Veronika Hubeny  (Durham)                         
Entanglement & Gravity      
Zohar Komargodski  (Weizmann)                 
Some Exact Results in 2d and 4d Supersymmetric Field Theories
Carlos Mafra (Cambridge)                            
Multiparticle superfields and superstring amplitudes            
Lionel Mason  (Oxford)                                 
A taxonomy of ambitwistor-strings
Samir Mathur (Ohio)                                     
Remnants, Fuzzballs or Wormholes?                          
Shiraz Minwalla  (Tata, Mumbai)                  
Scattering in Supersymmetric Chern Simons Matter theories at large N

Hirosi Ooguri  (Caltech)                                 Entanglement and Bootstrap
Miguel Paulos  (Brown)                                
Bootstrapping superconformal field theories                    
Eliezer Rabinovici  (Jerusalem/LPTHE)       
Geometry and Quantum Noise
Mukund Rangamani (Durham)                     
The adiabatic path to the eightfold way of hydrodynamic dissipation

Eva Silverstein (Stanford)                              2015 Thought-Experimental Data Release: the S-matrix and horizon “drama”      

Stephan Stieberger  (Munich)                       New relations between gauge and gravity amplitudes in field and string theory
Jaroslav Trnka (Caltech)                              
Scattering inequalities                        
Pierre Vanhove  (Saclay/IHES)                    
Higher derivative corrections to the superstring theory low-energy effective

                                                                       action : beyond the Eisenstein series
Balt Van Rees (CERN)                                  Bootstrapping the six-dimensional (2,0)  theories

Pedro Vieira (Perimeter)                                Tailoring  C123 and Integrability

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