Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Recent Publications

An octahedron of complex null rays, and conformal symmetry breaking
by Maciej Dunajski, Miklos Langvik, Simone Speziale (2019-01-25)
Quantum Black Hole Entropy from 4d Supersymmetric Cardy formula
by Masazumi Honda (2019-01-23)
Improving the Kinetic Couplings in Lattice Non-Relativistic QCD
by C. T. H. Davies, J. Harrison, C. Hughes, R. R. Horgan, G. M. von Hippel, M. Wingate (2018-12-30)
Opportunities in Flavour Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC
by A. Cerri, B. C. Allanach et al (2018-12-21)
Beyond the Standard Model Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC
by X. Cid Vidal, B. C. Allanach, T. You, others (2018-12-20)
Conformally isometric embeddings and Hawking temperature
by Maciej Dunajski, Paul Tod (2018-12-13)
An Anomaly-free Atlas: charting the space of flavour-dependent gauged U (1) extensions of the Standard Model
by B. C. Allanach, J. Davighi, S. Melville (2018-12-10)
Neutron star -- axion star collisions in the light of multi-messenger astronomy
by T. Dietrich, F. Day, K. Clough, M. Cloughlin, J. Niemeyer (2018-10-08)
Hadron Collider Sensitivity to Fat Flavourful Z's for RK*
by B. Allanach, T. Corbett, M. J. Dolan, T. You (2018-09-21)
Third Family Hypercharge Model for RK(*) and Aspects of the Fermion Mass Problem
by B. C. Allanach, J. Davighi (2018-09-03)
Some examples of projective and $c$--projective compactifications of Einstein metrics
by Maciej Dunajski, A. Rod Gover, Alice Waterhouse (2018-08-18)
Topological terms in Composite Higgs Models
by J. Davighi, B. Gripaios (2018-08-14)
Dynamically-coupled partial waves in ρπ isospin-2 scattering from lattice QCD
by Antoni J. Woss, Christopher E. Thomas, Jozef J. Dudek, Robert G. Edwards, David J. Wilson, JHEP 07 (2018) 043 (2018-07-06)
Detecting Fluorescent Dark Matter with X-ray lasers
by F. Day, M. Fairbairn, Eur.Phys.J. C78 (2018) no.6, 512 (2018-06-20)
Rolling Skyrmions and the Nuclear Spin-Orbit Force
by D. Harland, N. S. Manton, Nuclear Physics B935 (2018) 210. (2018-05-21)