Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Publications by Year

DAMTP-1995-79: A Gas of D-Instantons
by M. B. Green ()
Published in: Phys. Lett. B354 (1995) 271
LANL e-print: hep-th/9504108

DAMTP-1995-78: Symmetry Breaking at Enhanced Symmetry Points
by M. B. Green, M. Gutperle ()
Published in: Nucl.Phys. B460 (1996) 77-108
LANL e-print: hep-th/9509171

DAMTP-1995-77: Boundary Effects in String Theory
by M. B. Green (1999-10-13)
Published in: STRINGS 95: Future Perspectives in String Theory, USC, Los Angeles, CA, 13-18 Mar 1995, 220-229
LANL e-print: hep-th/9510016

DAMTP-1995-76: Instantons and Seven-branes in Type IIB Superstring Theory
by G. W. Gibbons, M. B. Green, M. J. Perry ()
Published in: Phys.Lett. B370 (1996) 37-44
LANL e-print: hep-th/9511080

DAMTP-1995-75: Duality of Type II 7-branes and 8-branes
by E. Bergshoeff, M. de Roo, M. B. Green, G. Papadopoulos, P. K. Townsend ()
Published in: Nucl.Phys. B470 (1996) 113-135
LANL e-print: hep-th/9601150

DAMTP-1995-74: Coalgebra Bundles
by T. Brzezinski, S. Majid ()
To Appear in: Commun. Math. Phys
LANL e-print: q-alg/9602022

DAMTP-1995-73: The Impossibility of Baryogenesis at a Second Order Electroweak Phase Transition
by T. Prokopec (LNS, Cornell U. ), R. Brandenberger (Brown U. ),A. C. Davis ()
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9601327

DAMTP-1995-72: Abelian Duality in WZW Models
by M. R. Gaberdiel ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B 471, 217 (1996)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9601016

DAMTP-1995-71: A (1+1)-Dimensional Reduced Model of Mesons
by F. Antonuccio, S. Dalley ()
Published in: Phys.Lett. B376 (1996) 154-162
LANL e-print: hep-th/9512106

DAMTP-1995-65: Quasiclassical Dynamics in a Closed Quantum System
by Adrian Kent ()
Published in: Phys.Rev. A54 (1996) 4670-4675
LANL e-print: gr-qc/9512023
Keywords: Quantum Foundations. Consistent Histories. Quantum Cosmology.

DAMTP-1995-64: Remarks on Consistent Histories and Bohmian Mechanics
by Adrian Kent ()
Published in: ``Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Theory: An Appraisal'', J.Cushing, A. Fine and S. Goldstein (eds), Kluwer Academic Press (Dordrecht, 1996), pp. 343-352
LANL e-print: quant-ph/9511032
Keywords: Quantum Foundations. Consistent Histories. Bohm Theory.

DAMTP-1995-63: Dynamical Breaking of CPT Symmetry in Defect Networks and Baryogenesis
by Tomislav Prokopec (Cornell U. ), R. Brandenberger (Brown U. ), A. C. Davis, M. Trodden (MIT) ()
Published in: Phys.Lett. B384 (1996) 175-179
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9511349

DAMTP-1995-60: Deconfinement Transition and Dimensional Cross-over in the 3D Gauge Ising Model
by M. Caselle, M. Hasenbusch ()
Published in: Nucl.Phys. B470 (1996) 435-453
LANL e-print: hep-lat/9511015

DAMTP-1995-53: Doppler Peaks from Active Perturbations
by J. Magueijo (MRAO/DAMTP), A. Albrecht (Imperial College), D. Coulson(Penn), Pedro Ferreira (CfPA-Berkeley) ()
Published in: Phys.Rev.Lett. 76 (1996) 2617-2620
LANL e-print: astro-ph/9511042

DAMTP-1995-52: Curiosities at c=-2
by H. G. Kausch ()
LANL e-print: hep-th/9510149

DAMTP-1995-50: Maximal Localisation in the Presence of MinimalUncertainties in Positions and Momenta
by H. Hinrichsen (Weizmann, Rehovot, Israel), A. Kempf ()
Published in: J.Math.Phys. 37 (1996) 2121-2137
LANL e-print: hep-th/9510144

DAMTP-1995-48: Topological Inflation, without the Topology
by N. F. Lepora, A. Martin ()
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9602217

DAMTP-1995-46: WZW Models of General Simple Groups
by M. R. Gaberdiel ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B 460, 181 (1996)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9508105

DAMTP-1995-44: Examples of Embedded Defects (in Particle Physics andCondensed Matter)
by N. F. Lepora, A. C. Davis (1999-01-20)
Published in: Phys Rev D58 (1998) 125028
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9507466

DAMTP-1995-40: $O(N)$ and $RP^{N-1}$ Models in Two Dimensions
by M. Hasenbusch ()
Published in: Phys.Rev. D53 (1996) 3445-3450
LANL e-print: hep-lat/9507008

DAMTP-1995-39: The Moduli Space Metric for Tetrahedrally Symmetric 4-monopoles
by P. Sutcliffe ()
Published in: Phys.Lett. B357 (1995) 335-431
LANL e-print: hep-th/9507173

DAMTP-1995-37: Particle Motion in a Yang-Mills Field: Wong's Equationsand Spin One-half Analogues
by N. Linden, A. J. Macfarlane, J. W. van Holten (NIKHEF, Amsterdam) (1999-02-01)
Published in: Czech. J. Phys. 46, 209-216 (1996)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9512071

DAMTP-1995-36: New Supersymmetry of the Monopole
by F. De Jonghe, A. J. Macfarlane, K. Peeters, J. W. van Holten ()
Published in: Phys.Lett. B359 (1995) 114
LANL e-print: hep-th/9507046

DAMTP-1995-35: A Supersymmetric SO(10) Model with Inflation and CosmicStrings
by R. Jeannerot ()
Published in: Phys.Rev. D53 (1996) 5426-5436
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9509365

DAMTP-1995-34: Cosmic Strings are Current-Carrying
by A. C. Davis, P. Peter ()
Published in: Phys.Lett. B358 (1995) 197-202
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9506433

DAMTP-1995-33: Exact S-matrices for $d_{n+1}^{(2)}$ Affine Toda Solitons and their Bound States
by G. M. Gandenberger, N. J. MacKay ()
Published in: Nucl.Phys. B457 (1995) 240-272
LANL e-print: hep-th/9506169

DAMTP-1995-32: Approximate and Exact Consistency of Histories
by J. N. McElwaine ()
To Appear in: Phys. Rev A 1st March 96
LANL e-print: quant-ph/9506034

DAMTP-1995-31: Primordial Magnetic Fields in False Vacuum Inflation
by A. C. Davis, K. Dimopoulos ()
Published in: Phys.Rev. D55 (1997) 7398-7414
LANL e-print: astro-ph/9506132

DAMTP-1995-28: Monopole scattering with a twist
by Conor J. Houghton, Paul M. Sutcliffe ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B464 (1996) 59-84
LANL e-print: hep-th/9601148

DAMTP-1995-27: Fusion of SO(N) Reflection Matrices
by N. J. MacKay ()
LANL e-print: hep-th/9505124

DAMTP-1995-26: Local Operators in Massive Quantum Field Theories
by A. Koubek ()
LANL e-print: hep-th/9508109

DAMTP-1995-25: The Coulomb Gas Behaviour of Two DimensionalTurbulence
by P. Brax ()
LANL e-print: hep-th/9505111

DAMTP-1995-21: Causality, Randomness, and the Microwave Background
by A. Albrecht, (Imperial Coll. , London), D. Coulson, (Penn U. ), P. Ferreira,(Imperial Coll. , London), J. Magueijo ()
Published in: Phys.Rev.Lett.76:1413-1416,1996
LANL e-print: astro-ph/9505030

DAMTP-1995-20: Octahedral and Dodecahedral Monopoles
by Conor J. Houghton, Paul M. Sutcliffe ()
Published in: Nonlinearity 9, 385-401 (1996)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9601147

DAMTP-1995-18: Non-Gaussian CMBR Angular Power Spectra
by J. C. R. Magueijo ()
Published in: Phys.Rev. D52 (1995) 4361
LANL e-print: astro-ph/9505079

DAMTP-1995-16: Continuous Histories and the History Group in Generalised Quantum Theory
by C. J. Isham, N. Linden ()
Published in: J. Math. Phys. 36 (1995) 5392
LANL e-print: gr-qc/9503063

DAMTP-1995-15: Inflationary Cosmology from Noncommutative Geometry
by F. Lizzi, G. Mangano, G. Miele, G. Sparano ()
Published in: Int. J. Mod. Phys. A11 (1996) 2907
LANL e-print: gr-qc/9503040

DAMTP-1995-14: The Stability of Primordial Magnetic Fields Produced by Phase Transitions
by A. P. Martin, A. C. Davis ()
Published in: Phys. Lett. B360 (1995) 71
LANL e-print: astro-ph/9507057

DAMTP-1995-13: Tetrahedral and Cubic Monopoles
by Conor J. Houghton, Paul M. Sutcliffe ()
Published in: Commun. Math. Phys. 180 (1996) 343
LANL e-print: hep-th/9601146

DAMTP-1995-12: The Stueckelberg-Kibble Model as an Example of Quantized Symplectic Reduction
by U. A. Wiedemann, N. P. Landsman ()
Published in: J. Math. Phys. 37 (1996) 2731
LANL e-print: hep-th/9508134

DAMTP-1995-10: Making Nuclei Out Of The Skyrme Crystal
by W. K. Baskerville ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. A596 (1996) 611
LANL e-print: nucl-th/9510047

DAMTP-1995-7: Multi-boundary Effects in Dirichlet String Theory
by M. Gutperle ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B444 (1995) 487
LANL e-print: hep-th/9502106

DAMTP-1995-6: Embedded Vortices
by A. C. Davis, N. F. Lepora (1999-01-20)
Published in: Phys Rev D58 (1998) 125027
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9507457

DAMTP-1995-5: Embedded Defects and Symmetry Breaking in Flipped $SU(5)$
by A. C. Davis, N. F. Lepora ()
Published in: Phys.Rev. D52 (1995) 7265
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9504411

DAMTP-1995-4: Exact S-Matrices for Bound States of $a_2^{(1)}$ AffineToda Solitons
by G. M. Gandenberger ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B449 (1995) 375
LANL e-print: hep-th/9501136

DAMTP-1995-3: Flavour Changing Neutral Current Effects from Flavour Dependent Supergravity Couplings
by P. Brax, C. A. Savoy ()
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B447 (1995) 227
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9503306

DAMTP-1995-2: Lattice Quantization of Yangian Charges
by N. J. MacKay ()
Submitted to: phys lett B
LANL e-print: hep-th/9501079

DAMTP-1995-1: Conformal Field Theories Near a Boundary in General Dimensions
by D. M. McAvity, H. Osborn ()
Published in: Nuclear Physics B 455 [FS], 522-576, 1995.
LANL e-print: cond-mat/9505127