Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Publications by Year

DAMTP-2002-177: The proton's gluon distribution
by A. Donnachie, P.V. Landshoff (2003-05-22)
Published in: Physics Letters B550 (2002) 160
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0204165

DAMTP-2002-176: Yang-Mills Theory as an Illustration of the Covariant Quantization of Superstrings
by P.A. Grassi, P. van Nieuwenhuizen, G. Policastro (2002-10-31)
Published in: 3rd International Sakharov Conference on Physics, Moscow, Russia, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211095
Keywords: Yang-Mills, Covariant Qunatisation

DAMTP-2002-175: Implementation of Supersymmetric Processes in the HERWIG Event Generator
by S. Moretti, K. Odagiri, P. Richardson, M.H.Seymour, B.R. Webber (2002-10-31)
Published in: JHEP 04(2002), 028
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0204123
Keywords: HERWIG, Event Generator, Supersymmetric Processes

DAMTP-2002-174: The Beyond the Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report
by G. Azuelos, P. Richardson et al (2002-10-31)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0204031
Keywords: Standard Model

DAMTP-2002-173: Critical Behavior of the Ginzburg-Landau Model in the Type II Region
by T. Neuhaus, A. Rajantie, K. Rummukainen (2002-10-31)
Published in: Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 106:959-961, 2002 and Berlin 2001, Lattice field theory, 959-961
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0110062
Keywords: Critical Behavior, Ginzburg-Landau, Type II Region

DAMTP-2002-171: The Inverted XY Universality of the Supercondictivity Phase Transition
by T. Neuhaus, A. Rajantie, K. Rummukainen (2002-09-30)
Published in: 20th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (LATTICE 2002), Boston
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0209103
Keywords: XY Universality, Phase Transition, Supercondictivity

DAMTP-2002-170: Positivity of Relativistic Spin Network Evaluations
by H. Pfeiffer (2002-11-30)
Published in: Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 6 No 5 (2002) 827-846
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0211106
Keywords: Positivity, Relativistic Spin Network Evaluations

DAMTP-2002-169: Causal Barrett-Crane Model : Measure, Coupling Constant, Wick Rotation, Symmetries and Observables
by H. Pfeiffer (2002-12-31)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D 67 (2003) 064022
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0212049
Keywords: Spin Foam Model, Causal Structure, Path Integral

DAMTP-2002-167: Perturbative Evolution at Small X
by P.V. Landshoff (2002-03-31)
Published in: Lectures at Corfu Summer Institute on Elementary Particle Physics, 2001
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0203084
Keywords: Perturbative Evolution, Small X

DAMTP-2002-165: D-Branes in a Plain Wave Background
by M.R. Gaberdiel, M.B. Green (2002-08-30)
Published in: Fortsch.Phys.51:713-718,2003 .
LANL e-print: hep-th/0212052
Keywords: Branes, Wave Background(s)

DAMTP-2002-163: Fermion Zero Modes in N=2 Supervortices
by A. Achucarro, A.C. Davis, M. Pickles, J. Urrestilla (2002-12-17)
Published in: Phys Rev D68 (2003) 065005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0212125
Keywords: zero modes, vortices, suoersymmetry

DAMTP-2002-162: Nielsen--Olesen Strings in Supersymmetric Models
by M. Pickles, J. Urrestilla (2002-12-17)
Submitted to: JHEP
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211240

DAMTP-2002-160: String Corrections to the Gauge Couplings from a Field Theory Approach
by D. M. Ghilencea, S. Groot Nibbelink (2005-09-08)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.20:S495-S500,2003
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0212197

DAMTP-2002-159: Instanton Induced Yang-Mills Correlation Functions at Large N and their $ADS_5x5^5$ Duals
by M. B. Green, S. Kovacs (2002-12-10)
Published in: JHEP 0304:058,2003
LANL e-print: hep-th/0212332

DAMTP-2002-157: Magnetic Monopoles from Gauge Theory Phase Transitions
by A.K. Rajantie (2003-07-11)
Published in: Physical Review D68 (2003) 021301
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0212130
Keywords: magnetic monopole, phase transition, grand unified theory

DAMTP-2002-156: SUSY Breaking and Moduli Stabilization from Fluxes in Gauged 6d Supergravity
by Y. Aghababaie, C.P. Burgess, S.L. Parameswaran, F. Quevedo (2002-12-09)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0212091

DAMTP-2002-154: Energy Consumption and Jet Multiplicity from the Leading Log BFKL Evolution
by J. R. Andersen, W. J. Stirling (2003-01-13)
Published in: JHEP 0302:018,2003
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0301081

DAMTP-2002-153: Infrared Problems with Dimensional Regularisation at Finite Temperature
by F. Pauquay (2002-12-05)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0212080
Keywords: Infrared divergences, dimensional regularisation, perturbative expansion.

DAMTP-2002-152: Weak Non-linear Surface Charging Effects in Electrolytic Films
by D.S. Dean, R.R. Horgan (2002-12-04)
Published in: Physical Review E68 051104 (2003)
LANL e-print: cond-mat/0210495

DAMTP-2002-151: Semileptonic B Decays from an NRQCD/D234 Action
by J. Shigemitsu, S. Collins, C. T. H. Davies, J. Hein, R. R. Horgan, G. P. Lepage (2002-12-04)
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 119 (2003) 629-631
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0208062

DAMTP-2002-150: Semileptonic B Decays from an NRQCD/D234 Action
by J. Shigemitsu, S. Collins, C.T.H. Davies, J. Hein, R.R. Horgan, G.P. Lepage (2002-12-04)
Published in: Physical Review D66 074506 (2002)
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0207011

DAMTP-2002-148: Correlation Functions and Massive Kaluza-Klein Modes in the AdS/CFT Correspondence
by G. Arutyunov, F.A. Dolan, H. Osborn, E. Sokatchev (2002-12-03)
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B665, 273-324 (2003).
LANL e-print: hep-th/0212116
Keywords: AdS/CFT, supergravity, conformal field theory

DAMTP-2002-145: Pauli-Villars regularisation and Born-Infeld kinematics
by F.P. Schuller, M.N.R. Wohlfarth, T.W. Grimm (2002-11-19)
Published in: Class. Quantum Grav. 20, issue 19, 4269-4284 (2003)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211264
Keywords: Born-Infeld, Pauli-Villars, pseudo-complex Poincare group, maximal acceleration

DAMTP-2002-142: The Interaction Energy of Well-separated Skyrme Solitons
by N.S. Manton, B.J. Schroers, M.A. Singer (2003-12-17)
Published in: Communications in Mathematical Physics 245, 123-147, 2004
LANL e-print: hep-th/0212075
Keywords: Skyrmions, Interaction energy

DAMTP-2002-141: TeV-scale Z Prime Bosons in Intersecting D-brane SM-like Models
by D.M. Ghilencea (2002-11-08)
Published in: First International Conference on String Phenomenology (SP2002), Oxford
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0212120

DAMTP-2002-140: On Gauge Couplings, Large Extra Dimensions and the Limit alpha'->0 of the string
by D.M. Ghilencea (2002-11-08)
Submitted to: Nucl.Phys.B 653 (2003)27-44
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0212119

DAMTP-2002-139: The D-Instanton and Other Supersymmetric D-Branes in IIB Plane-Wave String Theory
by M.R. Gaberdiel, M.B. Green (2002-11-08)
Published in: Annals Phys.307:147-194,2003
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211122

DAMTP-2002-136: S-branes, Negative Tension Branes and Cosmology
by F. Quevedo, G. Tasinato, I. Zavala (2002-11-05)
Published in: Proceedings of "The 1st International Conference on String Phenomenology'', Oxford, 2002.
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211031
Keywords: string theory, brane, negative tension, cosmology

DAMTP-2002-133: Surprises with Angular Momentum
by P. K. Townsend (2002-11-01)
Published in: Annales Henri Poincare 4:S183-S195,2003
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211008

DAMTP-2002-131: The "S-rule" Exclusion Principle and Vacuum Interpolation in Worldvolume Dynamics
by J. Gomis, P.K. Townsend, M.N.R. Wohlfarth (2002-10-30)
Published in: JHEP 12(2002), 027
LANL e-print: hep-th/0211020
Keywords: Supersymmetry, D-branes

DAMTP-2002-130: Rotating Membranes on $G_2$ Manifolds, Logarithmic Anomalous Dimensions and $N=1$ Duality
by S.A. Hartnoll, C. Nunez (2002-10-21)
Published in: JHEP 0302:049,2003
LANL e-print: hep-th/0210218
Keywords: AdS/CFT, anomalous dimensions of operators, N=1 SYM, G2 manifolds, Membrane solutions.

DAMTP-2002-129: CFT Correspondence to Hydrodynamics, II - Sound Waves
by G. Policastro, D.T. Son, A.O. Starinets (2002-10-21)
Published in: JHEP 12(2002), 054
LANL e-print: hep-th/0210220
Keywords: AdS/CFT correspondence, thermal field theory

DAMTP-2002-128: Lectures on String/Brane Cosmology
by F. Quevedo (2002-10-18)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.19:5721-5779,2002 and European Winter School on The Quantum Structure of Space-Time and the Geometric Nature of Fundamental Interactions (RTN 2002), Utrecht, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0210292
Keywords: strings, branes, cosmology

DAMTP-2002-127: Implementing Causality in the Spin Foam Quantum Geometry
by E.R. Livine, D. Oriti (2002-10-12)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B663:231-279,2003
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0210064
Keywords: spin foam, non-perturbative quantum gravity, causality, causal sets

DAMTP-2002-125: Inflationary Dynamics with Two Scalar Fields and Generalized Potentials
by P.R. Ashcroft, C. van de Bruck, A.C. Davis (2002-10-08)
Published in: Physics Letters B 538 (2002), 366-374
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0210597
Keywords: cosmology, inflation, cosmological perturbations

DAMTP-2002-124: HERWIG 6.5 Release Note
by G. Corcella, P. Richardson, B.R. Webber et al (2002-10-07)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0210213
Keywords: Monte Carlo Collider Physics

DAMTP-2002-123: Soft and Hard QCD
by P.V. Landshoff (2002-09-30)
Published in: Johns Hopkins Workshop on High-Energy Reactions, Heidelberg, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0209364

DAMTP-2002-120: Low-Energy Brane-World Effective Actions and Partial Supersymmetry Breaking
by C.P. Burgess, E. Filotas, M. Klein, F. Quevedo (2002-09-20)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0209190
Keywords: strings, branes, supersymmetry breaking

DAMTP-2002-118: Varying Constants in Brane World Scenarios
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A.C. Davis, C.S. Rhodes (2002-09-12)
Published in: JENAM 2002 Conference : The Unsolved Universe
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0210057
Keywords: brane worlds, higher dimensions, varying constants

DAMTP-2002-116: Static Axisymmetric Vacuum Solutions and Non-Uniform Black Strings
by T. Wiseman (2002-09-04)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0209051

DAMTP-2002-115: Product structure of heat phase space and branching Brownian motion
by F.P. Schuller, B. Vogt (2003-11-17)
Published in: Annals Phys. 308/2 (2003) 528-554
LANL e-print: math-ph/0209016
Keywords: Brownian motion, branching process, Markov process, pseudo-complex ring

DAMTP-2002-114: On Short and Semi-Short Representations for Four Dimensional Superconformal Symmetry
by F.A. Dolan, H. Osborn (2002-09-04)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0209056
Keywords: superconformal, representations

DAMTP-2002-113: Masses of Singlet and Non-singlet 0++ Particles
by A. Hart, C. McNeile, C. Michael (2002-09-04)
Submitted to: Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.)
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0209063
Keywords: glueballs lattice

DAMTP-2002-111: Open String Actions and Noncommutativity Beyond the Large B Limit
by G. Mandal, V.S. Nemani, S.R. Wadia (2002-08-27)
Published in: JHEP 11(2002), 002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0208203
Keywords: D-brane actions, noncommutativity

DAMTP-2002-110: The proton's gluon structure
by P V Landshoff (2002-08-26)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0208232

DAMTP-2002-109: Hadronic EDMs, the Weinberg Operator, and Light Gluinos
by D. Demir, M. Pospelov, A. Ritz (2002-08-24)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D67:015007, 2003
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0208257
Keywords: CP violation, electric dipole moments

DAMTP-2002-108: Cosmological Evolution of Brane World Moduli
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A.C. Davis, C.S. Rhodes (2002-08-20)
Published in: Phys Rev D67 (2003) 0209158
LANL e-print: hep-th/0209158
Keywords: brane worlds, cosmology

DAMTP-2002-107: Suppression of Entropy Perturbations in Multi-Field Inflation on the Brane
by P.R. Ashcroft, C. van de Bruck, A.C. Davis (2002-08-16)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D66:121302, 2002
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0208411
Keywords: cosmology, inflation, brane worlds

DAMTP-2002-104: Discovering Anomaly-Mediated Supersymmetry at the LHC
by A.J. Barr, C.G. Lester, M.A. Parker, B.C. Allanach, P. Richardson (2002-08-12)
Submitted to: JHEP
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0208214
Keywords: Phenomenology, Supersymmetry, Hadron Colliders

DAMTP-2002-103: Lattice Perturbation Theory for Gluonic and Fermionic Actions
by I. T. Drummond, A. Hart, R. R. Horgan, L. C. Storoni (2002-08-09)
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 119 (2003) 470-475
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0209130
Keywords: lattice perturbation

DAMTP-2002-102: D-branes in an Asymmetric Orbifold
by M.R. Gaberdiel, S. Schafer-Nameki (2002-08-08)
Published in: Nucl.Phys. B654 (2003) 177-196
LANL e-print: hep-th/0210137
Keywords: String theory, D-brane boundary CFT, asymmetric orbifolds

DAMTP-2002-100: Tadpole Analysis of Orientifolded Plane-Waves
by A. Sinha, V.S. Nemani (2002-08-07)
Published in: JHEP 11(2002), 026
LANL e-print: hep-th/0209247
Keywords: Strings, Orientifolds, pp-waves

DAMTP-2002-99: The Large-Scale Structure of the X-ray Background and its Cosmological Implications
by S. Boughn, R.G. Crittenden, G. Koehrsen (2002-12-01)
Published in: Astrophysics J. 580:672-684, 2002
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0208153
Keywords: cosmology, cosmological constant, CMB

DAMTP-2002-98: D-branes in a Plane Wave from Covariant Open Strings
by P. Bain, K. Peeters, M. Zamaklar (2002-08-02)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0208038
Keywords: D-branes, pp-waves

DAMTP-2002-97: U(1) Masses in Intersecting D-brane SM-like Models
by D.M. Ghilencea (2002-08-02)
Published in: Nuclear Physics, 648(1,2), 2002, 215-230
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0208205

DAMTP-2002-95: Recombination of Intersecting D-Branes and Cosmological Inflation
by M. Gomez-Reino, I. Zavala (2002-07-30)
Published in: JHEP 09(2002), 020
LANL e-print: hep-th/0207278

DAMTP-2002-94: The Dynamics of Vortices on $S^2$ Near the Bradlow Limit
by J. M. Baptista, N. S. Manton (2003-08-01)
Published in: Journal of Mathematical Physics 44, 3495-3508, 2003
LANL e-print: hep-th/0208001
Keywords: Vortices, Moduli Space, Sphere

DAMTP-2002-92: One Loop Calculation of the Renormalised Anisotropy for Improved Anisotropic Gluon Actions on a Lattice
by I. T. Drummond, A. Hart, R. R. Horgan, L. C. Storoni (2002-07-24)
Published in: Physical Review D66:094509, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0208010

DAMTP-2002-90: Representations of the Exceptional and Other Lie Algebras with Integral Eigenvalues of the Casimir Operator
by A.J. Macfarlane, H. Pfeiffer (2002-07-17)
Published in: J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 36 (2003) 2305-2317
LANL e-print: math-ph/0208014
Keywords: Lie algebra, Deligne conjecture, dimension formula, representation theory

DAMTP-2002-89: Using the Chern-Simons Action for a Self-Consistent Determination of the Magnetic Screening Mass in Thermal QCD
by G.M. von Hippel, R.R. Horgan (2002-12-04)
Published in: Physical Review Letters volume 60 132001 (2003)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0207203
Keywords: chern simons magnetic mass

DAMTP-2002-88: Supersymmetric Defect Expansion in CFT from AdS Supertubes
by D. Mateos, S. Ng, P.K. Townsend (2002-07-14)
Published in: JHEP 07(2002), 048
LANL e-print: hep-th/0207136
Keywords: Branes, Supersymmetry, Defects, Conformal

DAMTP-2002-87: Cosmological Spacetimes from Negative Tension Brane Backgrounds
by C.P. Burgess, F. Quevedo, S.J. Rey, G. Tasinato, I. Zavala (2002-07-10)
Published in: JHEP 10(2002), 028
LANL e-print: hep-th/0207104
Keywords: strings, cosmology, branes

DAMTP-2002-79: Trilepton Events and Bs to mu+ mu-: No-lose for mSUGRA at the Tevatron?
by A. Dedes, H.K. Dreiner, P. Richardson (2002-07-01)
Published in: Phys. Review D 65:015001, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0207026
Keywords: SUSY, Searches, Tevatron

DAMTP-2002-78: Penrose Limits, Worldvolume Fluxes and Supersymmetry
by D. Mateos (2002-06-20)
Published in: Phys. Review D66:086003, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0206194

DAMTP-2002-74: Uniqueness of (dilatonic) charged black holes and black p-branes in higher dimensions
by G. W. Gibbons, D. Ida, T. Shiromizu (2002-06-15)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0206136

DAMTP-2002-73: Special Holonomy Spaces and M-theory
by M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, H. Lu, C. N. Pope (2002-06-15)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0206154

DAMTP-2002-72: A Spin Foam Model for Pure Gauge Theory Coupled to Quantum Gravity
by D. Oriti, H. Pfeiffer (2002-06-14)
Published in: Phys. Review D66:124010, 2002
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0207041
Keywords: Quantum Gravity, Spin Foam Model, Lattice Gauge Theory

DAMTP-2002-71: Aspects of Semiclassical Strings in $AdS_5$
by G. Mandal, V.S. Nemani, S.R. Wadia (2002-06-12)
Published in: Physics Letters B543, 81-88, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0206103
Keywords: WKB, String, AdS/CFT

DAMTP-2002-70: The G4-lambda16 Term in IIB Supergravity
by A. Sinha (2002-08-14)
Published in: JHEP 08(2002), 017
LANL e-print: hep-th/0207070
Keywords: IIB superstring, supergravity, higher derivative terms

DAMTP-2002-66: Born-Infeld Kinematics and Correction to the Thomas Precession
by F.P. Schuller (2002-06-07)
Published in: Physics Letters B 540, 119-124
LANL e-print: hep-th/0207047
Keywords: Born-Infeld, Thomas precession

DAMTP-2002-65: Bianchi IX Self-Dual Einstein Metrics and Singular $G_2$ Manifolds
by M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, H. Lu , C. N. Pope (2002-06-06)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0206151

DAMTP-2002-63: The Story of M
by P. K. Townsend (2002-05-30)
Published in: *Cambridge 2002, The future of theoretical physics and cosmology* 484-493
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205309
Keywords: supersymmetry, membranes, holonomy

DAMTP-2002-62: Asymptotic Interactions of Critically Coupled Vortices
by N.S. Manton, J.M. Speight (2002-05-29)
Published in: Communications in Mathematical Physics 236,535-555,2003.
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205307
Keywords: Vortices, Moduli Space, Asymptotic Metric

DAMTP-2002-60: Penrose Limits of the Baryonic D5-brane
by D. Mateos, S. Ng (2002-05-28)
Published in: JHEP 08(2002), 005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205291

DAMTP-2002-56: The Classical Supersymmetric Coulomb Problem
by R. Heumann (2002-05-22)
Published in: J. Phys. A35:7437-7460, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205232
Keywords: Supersymmetry, Classical mechanics, Coulomb problem

DAMTP-2002-55: Numerical Study of Duality and Universality in a Frozen Superconductor
by T. Neuhaus, A. Rajantie, K. Rummukainen (2003-01-27)
Published in: Physical Review B67 (2003) 014525
LANL e-print: cond-mat/0205523
Keywords: superconductor, duality, critical exponents

DAMTP-2002-51: Supergravity Solutions for D-branes in HPP-wave Backgrounds
by P. Bain, P. Meessen, M. Zamaklar (2002-05-06)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205106
Keywords: Hpp-waves, D-branes, supergravity

DAMTP-2002-50: Instantons Corrections to the Effective Action of the CHL String and its Type I Dual
by P. Bain (2002-05-06)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205073
Keywords: Orientifolds, D-instanton corrections, CHL string

DAMTP-2002-49: Exact Duality Transformations for Sigma Models and Gauge Theories
by H. Pfeiffer (2002-05-05)
Published in: J. Math. Phys. 44 No. 7 (2003) 2891-2938
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0205013
Keywords: High temperature expansion, strong coupling expansion, duality, sigma model, lattice gauge theory

DAMTP-2002-48: D-brane Interactions in Type IIB Plane-wave Background
by O. Bergman, M. R. Gaberdiel, M. B. Green (2002-05-02)
Published in: JHEP 0303:002,2003
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205183
Keywords: pp-wave, superstring

DAMTP-2002-47: TeV-scale Z' Bosons from D-branes
by D.M. Ghilencea, L.E. Ibanez, N. Irges, F. Quevedo (2002-04-30)
Published in: JHEP 08(2002), 016
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0205083

DAMTP-2002-44: Counting Domain Walls in N=1 Super Yang-Mills
by A. Ritz, M. Shifman, A. Vainshtein (2002-04-19)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D66:065015, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0205083
Keywords: BPS domain walls, supersymmetric Yang-Mills

DAMTP-2002-43: The Proton's Gluon Distribution
by A. Donnachie, P.V. Landshoff (2002-04-15)
Published in: Phys. Letters B550:160-165, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0204165
Keywords: pomeron electroproduction charm

DAMTP-2002-42: Stability of Higgs Mass in Theories with Extra Dimensions
by D.M. Ghilencea, H.P. Nilles (2002-04-13)
Published in: J. Physics G28:2475-2486, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0204261

DAMTP-2002-40: String Threshold Corrections from Field Theory
by D.M. Ghilencea, S. Groot-Nibbelink (2002-04-10)
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B641:35-60, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0204094

DAMTP-2002-39: General Metrics of $G_2$ Holonomy and Contraction Limits
by Z. W. Chong, M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, H. Lu, C. N. Pope, , P. Wagner (2002-04-08)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0204064

DAMTP-2002-38: Cosmological Evolution of the Rolling Tachyon
by G . W. Gibbons (2002-03-31)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0204008

DAMTP-2002-35: Sigma-model Soliton Intersections from Exceptional Calibrations
by R. Portugues, P.K. Townsend (2002-07-02)
Published in: JHEP 04(2002), 039
LANL e-print: hep-th/0203181
Keywords: supersymmetry, branes, solitons, M-theory

DAMTP-2002-34: Implementation of Supersymmetric processes in the HERWIG event generator
by S. Moretti, K. Odagiri, P. Richardson, M. H. Seymour, B. R. Webber (2002-03-14)
Published in: JHEP 0204:028,2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0204123
Keywords: Supersymmetry, Monte Carlo

DAMTP-2002-33: RG Flows from Spin(7), CY 4-fold and HK Manifolds to AdS,Penrose Limits and PP Waves
by U. Gursoy, C. Nunez, M. Schvellinger (2002-03-13)
Published in: JHEP 06(2002), 015
LANL e-print: hep-th/0203124
Keywords: gauge gravity duality

DAMTP-2002-32: Supercurves
by D. Mateos, S. Ng, P.K. Townsend (2002-03-08)
Published in: Physics Letters B 538 (2002), 366-374
LANL e-print: hep-th/0204062
Keywords: supersymmetry, helix, strings

DAMTP-2002-31: Born-Infeld Kinematics
by F.P. Schuller (2002-03-08)
Published in: Annals of Physics 299/2, 174-207 (2002)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0203079
Keywords: tangent bundle, non-commutative geometry, maximal acceleration

DAMTP-2002-30: Almost Special Holonomy in Type IIA&M Theory
by M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, H. Lu, C. N. Pope (2002-03-04)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0203060

DAMTP-2002-28: Uniqueness and non-uniqueness of static vacuum black holes in higher dimensions
by G. W. Gibbons, D. Ida, T. Shiromizu (2002-02-28)
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0203004

DAMTP-2002-27: Is it e or is it c ? Experimental Tests of Varying Alpha
by J. Magueijo, J. D. Barrow, H. Sandvik (2002-02-21)
Published in: Physics Letters B 549,284-9, 2002
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0202374

DAMTP-2002-25: Four-dimensional Gravity from Singular Spaces
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A.C. Davis, C.S. Rhodes (2002-02-20)
Published in: Physical Review D 65 (2002), 121501
LANL e-print: hep-th/0202136
Keywords: brane worlds, cosmology, supergravity

DAMTP-2002-22: Electrostatic Fluctuations in Soap Films
by D.S. Dean, R.R. Horgan (2002-02-11)
Published in: Physical Review E65 061603 (2002)
LANL e-print: cond-mat/0202124
Keywords: casimir soap film

DAMTP-2002-21: Variations of Alpha in Space and Time
by J. D. Barrow, J. Magueijo, H. Sandvik (2002-02-06)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D 66, 043515, 2002
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0202129

DAMTP-2002-20: Holography and the Polyakov Action
by M. Banados, O. Chandia, A. Ritz (2002-02-03)
Published in: Phys.Rev. D65 (2002) 126008
LANL e-print: hep-th/0203021
Keywords: Weyl anomalies, Polyakov action, AdS/CFT

DAMTP-2002-18: Cross-Correlation of the Cosmic Microwave Background with Radio Sources: Constraints on an Accelerating Universe
by S.P. Boughn, R.G. Crittenden (2002-01-31)
Published in: Phys. Review Lett. 88 (2002), 021302-1
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0111281
Keywords: cosmology, cosmic microwave background

DAMTP-2002-17: CMB Analysis
by J.R. Bond, R.G. Crittenden (2001-07-01)
Published in: Proc. NATO ASI "Structure Formation in the Universe", eds. R.G. Crittenden, N.G. Turok (Kluwer), 2001
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0108204
Keywords: cosmology, cosmic microwave background

DAMTP-2002-16: Do Angular Momentum Induced Ellipticity Correlations Contaminate Weak Lensing Measurements
by P. Natarajan, R.G. Crittenden, U. Pen, T. Theuns (2002-01-31)
Published in: OzLens Workshop Proceedings
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0101366

DAMTP-2002-15: Analytic Marginalization over CMB Calibration and Beam Uncertainty
by S.L. Bridle, R.G. Crittenden et al (2002-01-31)
Submitted to: Mon. Not. Royal Astron. Soc.
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0112114

DAMTP-2002-12: Cosmological Creation of D-branes and Anti-D-branes
by M. Majumdar, A.C. Davis (2002-01-29)
Published in: JHEP 03(2002), 056
LANL e-print: hep-th/0202148
Keywords: tachyon, branes, cosmology

DAMTP-2002-10: Kaluza-Klein Anisotropy in the CMB
by J. D. Barrow, R. Maartens (2002-04-20)
Published in: Physics Letters B. 532, 153-158, 2002.
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0108073

DAMTP-2002-9: A Simple Varying-alpha Cosmology
by H. B. Sandvik, J. D. Barrow & J. Magueijo (2002-01-21)
Published in: Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 031302, 2002
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0107512

DAMTP-2002-8: The Relativistic Bound State Problem in QCD: Transverse Lattice Methods
by M. Burkardt, S. Dalley (2002-01-25)
Published in: Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 48:317-362, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0112007

DAMTP-2002-6: Boundary Terms in the Barrett-Crane Spin Foam Model and Consistent Gluing
by D. Oriti (2002-01-23)
Published in: Phys. Lett. B 532, 363 (2002)
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0201077
Keywords: quantum gravity, spin foam, lattice gauge theory

DAMTP-2002-5: Countering Quantum Noise with Supplementary Classical Information
by J. Barrett (2003-07-02)
Published in: Physical Review A 68, 012303 (2003)
LANL e-print: quant-ph/0201073
Keywords: quantum information, noise

DAMTP-2002-4: Strong Brane Gravity at Low Energies
by T. Wiseman (2002-07-23)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.19:3083-3106,2002
LANL e-print: hep-th/0201127

DAMTP-2002-3: Microwave Background Constraints on Decaying Defects
by R. Brandenberger, B. Carter, A. C. Davis (2002-01-06)
Published in: Phys Lett B534,1, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0202168
Keywords: microwave background constraints, FIRAS, decaying defects

DAMTP-2002-2: Wave Function of the Radion with Bulk Scalar Field
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A.C. Davis, C.S. Rhodes (2002-01-04)
Published in: Physics Letters B531 (2002), 135-142
LANL e-print: hep-th/0201191
Keywords: brane worlds, cosmology

DAMTP-2002-1: Dynamics of Tachyonic Preheating after Hybrid Inflation
by E.J. Copeland, S. Pascoli, A. Rajantie (2002-05-15)
Published in: Phys. Review D65:103517, 2002
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0202031
Keywords: tachyonic preheating, hybrid inflation