Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Publications by Year

DAMTP-2005-131: Quantum Gravity as a quantum field theory of simplicial geometry
by Daniele Oriti (2005-12-20)
Submitted to: to be published in 'Mathematical and Physical Aspects of Quantum Gravity', B. Fauser, J. Tolksdorf and E. Zeidler eds, Birkhaeuser, Basel (2006)
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0512103
Keywords: quantum gravity, group field theory, third quantization, spin foam models

DAMTP-2005-129: Modified gravity, Dark Energy and MOND
by I. Navarro, K. Van Acoleyen (2005-12-19)
Published in: JCAP 0609:006,2006
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0512109

DAMTP-2005-128: DDF Construction and D-Brane Boundary States in Pure Spinor Formalism
by P. Mukhopadhyay (2005-12-14)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics
LANL e-print: hep-th/0512161

DAMTP-2005-127: Generalised group field theories and quantum gravity transition amplitudes
by Daniele Oriti (2005-12-12)
Submitted to: Phys. Rev. Lett.
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0512069
Keywords: quantum gravity, group field theory, spin foam models

DAMTP-2005-126: Coupling of spacetime atoms and spin foam renormalisation from group field theory
by E. R. Livine, D. Oriti (2005-12-07)
Submitted to: Classical and Quantum Gravity
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0512002

DAMTP-2005-125: Coherent states for 3d Deformed Special Relativity: semi-classical points in a quantum flat spacetime
by E. R. Livine, D. Oriti (2005-12-07)
Published in: JHEP 11, 050 (2005)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0509192

DAMTP-2005-124: A group field theory for 3d quantum gravity coupled to a scalar field
by L. Freidel, D. Oriti, J. Ryan (2005-12-07)
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0506067

DAMTP-2005-123: Quantum gravity as a group field theory: a sketch
by Daniele Oriti (2005-12-07)
Published in: to appear in the Proceedings of the 4th Meeting on Constrained Dynamics and Quantum Gravity, Journal of Physics: Conference Series
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0512048

DAMTP-2005-121: Les Houches "Physics at TeV Colliders 2005" Beyond the Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report
by B. C. Allanach (editor) et al (2005-12-05)
Published in: "Physics at TeV Colliders 2005" Les Houches Proceedings
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0602198
Keywords: Extra dimensions, supersymmetry, LHC, ILC

DAMTP-2005-118: Supersymmetry Parameter Analysis: SPA Convention and Project
by B. C. Allanach, F. Quevedo et al (2005-12-01)
Published in: European Physical Journal C46 (2006) 43
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0511344
Keywords: MSSM, LHC, ILC

DAMTP-2005-108: Small Scale Structure Formation in Chameleon Cosmology
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A. C. Davis, A. M. Green (2005-11-09)
Published in: Physics Letters B 633, 441-446, 2006
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0509878
Keywords: chameleon cosmology, small scale structure

DAMTP-2005-107: Boundary Inflation and the WMAP Data
by C. Ringeval, P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A. C. Davis (2005-11-09)
Published in: Physical Review D73, 064035, 2006
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0509727
Keywords: inflation, brane worlds, CMB, WMAP data

DAMTP-2005-106: Cosmic Superstrings and Primordial Magnetogenesis
by A. C. Davis, K. Dimopoulos (2005-11-09)
Published in: Physical Review D72,043517,2005
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0505242
Keywords: primordial magnetic fields, cosmic superstrings

DAMTP-2005-103: Precision Test of AdS/CFT in Lunin-Maldacena Background
by Heng-Yu Chen, Prem Kumar (2005-11-16)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0511164
Keywords: Semi-classical string, spin chain, Integrability in AdS/CFT

DAMTP-2005-101: Mixing of the RR and NSNS sectors in the BMN limit
by Michael B. Green, Stefano Kovacs, Aninda Sinha (2005-10-18)
Published in: Phys.Rev.D73:066004,2006
LANL e-print: hep-th/0512198

DAMTP-2005-98: Problems in resumming interjet energy flows with k_t clustering
by A. Banfi, M. Dasgupta (2005-10-11)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0508159

DAMTP-2005-97: Resummation
by A. Banfi, G. Corcella, M. Dasgupta, Y. Delenda, G. P. Salam, G. Zanderighi (2005-10-11)
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0508096

DAMTP-2005-96: The brane universe as an Unruh observer
by David Jennings (2005-10-04)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0508215
Keywords: Cosmology, QFT, Unruh effect

DAMTP-2005-95: TASI Lectures on Solitons
by David Tong (2005-09-30)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0509216

DAMTP-2005-94: Dilaton Domain Walls and Dynamical Systems
by Julian Sonner, Paul K. Townsend (2005-09-29)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.23:441-464,2006
LANL e-print: hep-th/0510115

DAMTP-2005-93: The total cross section at the LHC
by P V Landshoff (2005-09-28)
Submitted to: Proc XIth International Conference on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering, Chteau de Blois, France, May 15 - 20, 2005
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0509240

DAMTP-2005-88: Planar Super-Landau Models
by E. Ivanov, L. Mezincescu, P. K. Townsend (2005-09-21)
Published in: JHEP 0601:143,2006
LANL e-print: hep-th/0510019
Keywords: Landau levels, superalgebras

DAMTP-2005-83: Charge Non-Conservation, Dequantisation, and Induced Electric Dipole Moments in Varying-Alpha Theories
by D. J. Shaw (2005-09-14)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0509093
Keywords: varying fine-structure constant, electroweak theory, charge non-conservation

DAMTP-2005-80: Open-closed strings: Two-dimensional extended TQFTs and Frobenius algebras
by A. D. Lauda, H. Pfeiffer (2005-09-07)
LANL e-print: math.AT/0510664
Keywords: Frobenius Algebra, Cobordism, TQFT, Open-Closed

DAMTP-2005-76: Heavy cosmic strings
by M. Donaire, A. Rajantie (2006-03-10)
Published in: Phys.Rev. D 73, 063517
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0508272
Keywords: strings, cosmic strings, topological defects

DAMTP-2005-75: Skyrmions from Instantons inside Domain Walls
by Minoru Eto, Muneto Nitta, Keisuke Ohashi, David Tong (2005-08-17)
Published in: Physical Review Letters 95:252003,2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0508130

DAMTP-2005-74: On Monopoles and Domain Walls
by Amihay Hanany, David Tong (2005-08-17)
Published in: Communications in Mathematical Physics 2006) 10 1007, hep-th/0507140.
LANL e-print: hep-th/0507140

DAMTP-2005-73: AdS black holes and thermal Yang-Mills correlators
by Sean A. Hartnoll, S. Prem Kumar (2005-08-12)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0508092
Keywords: AdS/CFT, black holes, thermal field theory

DAMTP-2005-71: Higher Derivative Operators from Scherk-Schwarz Supersymmetry Breaking on T_2/Z_2
by D. M. Ghilencea, Hyun Min Lee (2005-08-09)
Submitted to: JHEP 0512:039,2005
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0508221

DAMTP-2005-70: Higher Derivative Operators as Counterterms in Orbifold Compactifications
by D. M. Ghilencea, Hyun Min Lee (2005-08-09)
Published in: Contribution to the Conference "Planck 2005"
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0508209

DAMTP-2005-67: Duality and Higher Derivative Terms in M-Theory
by Michael B. Green, Pierre Vanhove (2005-07-19)
Published in: JHEP 0601:093,2006
LANL e-print: hep-th/0510027
Keywords: Supergravity, String Theory

DAMTP-2005-65: Classical resolution of singularities in dilaton cosmologies
by E. A. Bergshoeff, A. Collinucci, D. Roest, J. G. Russo, P. K. Townsend (2005-07-13)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.22:4763-4782,2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0507143

DAMTP-2005-64: Multi-Dimensional mSUGRA Likelihood Maps
by B. C. Allanach, C. Lester (2005-07-11)
Published in: Phyics Review D73 (2006) 015013
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0507283
Keywords: MSSM, dark matter, CMSSM

DAMTP-2005-63: Angularly Localized Skyrmions
by O. V. Manko, N. S. Manton (2005-07-06)
Published in: Journal of Physics A 39, 1507-1520, 2006
LANL e-print: nlin.PS/0507028
Keywords: Skyrmions, Quantization

DAMTP-2005-55: High-energy effective theory for matter on close Randall-Sundrum branes
by Claudia de Rham, Samuel Webster (2005-06-20)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D 72 (2005) 064013
LANL e-print: hep-th/0506152

DAMTP-2005-53: Non-perturbative Effects in the BMN Limit of N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills
by M. B. Green, S. Kovacs, A. Sinha (2005-05-26)
Published in: JHEP 0512:038,2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0506200

DAMTP-2005-52: Reconnection of Non-Abelian Cosmic Strings
by Koji Hashimoto, David Tong (2005-05-24)
Published in: Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 09 (2005) 004
LANL e-print: hep-th/0506022

DAMTP-2005-41: High-energy theory for close Randall Sundrum branes
by C. de Rham, S. Webster (2005-04-14)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D 71 (2005) 124025
LANL e-print: hep-th/0504128

DAMTP-2005-36: Five-brane Calibrations and Fuzzy Funnels
by David S. Berman, Neil B. Copland (2005-04-06)
Published in: Nuclear Physics B 723 (2005) 117-131
LANL e-print: hep-th/0504044

DAMTP-2005-35: Accurate Determinations of alpha(s) from realistic Lattice QCD
by Q. Mason, H. Trottier, C. Davies, K. Foley, A. Gray, G. P. Lepage, M. Nobes, J. Shigemitsu (2005-07-03)
Submitted to: PRL
LANL e-print: hep-lat/0503005
Keywords: Lattice QCD, Strong coupling constant

DAMTP-2005-34: Higher Derivative Operators from Transmission of Supersymmetry Breaking on S_1/Z_2
by D. M. Ghilencea, H. M. Lee (2005-09-07)
Published in: JHEP 09(2005)024
LANL e-print: hep-ph/0505187

DAMTP-2005-33: Casimir Energies for 6D Supergravities Compactified on T_2/Z_N with Wilson lines
by D. M. Ghilencea, D. Hoover, C. Burgess, F. Quevedo (2005-04-02)
Submitted to: Accepted for publication in JHEP
LANL e-print: hep-th/0506164

DAMTP-2005-30: The O(N) model on a squashed S^3 and the Klebanov-Polyakov correspondence
by S. A. Hartnoll, S. P. Kumar (2005-03-30)
Published in: JHEP 0512:036,2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0508092
Keywords: AdS/CFT, higher spin theories, O(N) model

DAMTP-2005-26: A Dispersionless Integrable System Associated to Diff$(S^1)$ Gauge Theory
by M. Dunajski, G. Sparling (2005-03-13)
Published in: Phys. Lett. A 343 (2005) 129-132
LANL e-print: nlin.SI/0503030
Keywords: Integrable Systems, ASD Yang Mills Equations.

DAMTP-2005-25: The field theory of symmetrical layered electrolytic systems and the thermal Casimir effect
by DS Dean, RR Horgan (2005-03-11)
Published in: J. Phys. C, 17, 3473-3501 (2005)
LANL e-print: cond-mat/0503275
Keywords: Soft Consended Matter, Field Theory

DAMTP-2005-23: Cosmological D-instantons and cyclic universes
by E. Bergshoeff, A. Collinucci, D. Roest, J. Russo, P. K. Townsend (2005-03-04)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.22:2635-2652,2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0504011

DAMTP-2005-22: Non-perturbative Corrections to the Plane-wave String Mass Matrix
by M. B. Green, S. Kovacs, A. Sinha (2005-03-04)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics 05(2005)055
LANL e-print: hep-th/0503077

DAMTP-2005-21: Superevolution
by N. S. Manton (2005-03-02)
Published in: Journal of Physics A38, 6065-6079, 2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0503037
Keywords: Supersymmetry, Evolution, Superspace, Boson-Fermion Degeneracy

DAMTP-2005-20: Paraconformal Geometry of $n$th Order ODEs, and Exotic Holonomy in Dimension Four
by M. Dunajski, K. P. Tod (2005-02-23)
Published in: J. Geom. Phys. 56, 1790-1809, 2006
LANL e-print: math.DG/0502524
Keywords: Holonomy, Geometry of ODEs, Twistor Theory

DAMTP-2005-18: A Topological Gauged Sigma-Model
by J. M. Baptista (2006-01-20)
Published in: Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 9, 1-41, 2006
LANL e-print: hep-th/0502152
Keywords: topological field theory; vortex equations; sigma-models;

DAMTP-2005-16: Asymptotic flatness at null infinity in higher dimensional gravity
by Stefan Hollands, Akihiro Ishibashi (2005-02-06)
Published in: Proceedings of the Seventh Hungarian Relativity Workshop
LANL e-print: hep-th/0311178
Keywords: higher dimensions, gravity, asymptotic structure

DAMTP-2005-15: Stability of Generalised Static Black Holes in Higher Dimensions
by Hideo Kodama, Akihiro Ishibashi (2005-02-06)
Published in: Proceedings of the Seventh Hungarian Relativity Workshop
LANL e-print: gr-qc/0312012
Keywords: stability, black hole, higher dimensions

DAMTP-2005-14: Dynamics in Non-Globally-Hyperbolic Static Spacetimes III: Anti-de Sitter Spacetime
by Akihiro Ishibashi, Robert M. Wald (2004-05-18)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav. 21 (2004) 2981-3014
LANL e-print: hep-th/0402184
Keywords: Anti-de Sitter spacetime, gravitational perturbation, non-globally hyperbolic spacetime

DAMTP-2005-13: Topology and Signature Changes in Braneworlds
by Gary W. Gibbons, Akihiro Ishibashi (2004-05-18)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav. 21 (2004) 2919-2936
LANL e-print: hep-th/0402024
Keywords: brane world, topology change, signature change

DAMTP-2005-12: Horava-Witten stability: Eppur si muove
by W. Chen, Z. -W. Chong, G. W. Gibbons, H Lu, , C. N. Pope (2005-02-05)
LANL e-print: hep-th/0502077

DAMTP-2005-11: Non-Perturbative Tachyon Potential from the Wilsonian Renormalization Group
by J. P. O'Dwyer (2005-04-10)
Published in: Modern Physics Letters A 20, 807-811, 2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0502056
Keywords: renormalization group; sigma model, nonlinear; tachyon

DAMTP-2005-9: Graded Majorana spinors
by A. F. Kleppe, Chris Wainwright (2006-03-29)
Published in: J. Phys. A (39) 2006 3787-3799
LANL e-print: hep-th/0501252
Keywords: Majorana spinors, pseudo-conjugation, supersymmetry

DAMTP-2005-7: Monopoles, Vortices, Domain Walls and D-Branes: The Rules of Interaction
by Norisuke Sakai, David Tong (2005-01-26)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics, 0503 (2005) 019
LANL e-print: hep-th/0501207

DAMTP-2005-6: The end of locked inflation
by E. J. Copeland, A. Rajantie (2005-01-25)
LANL e-print: astro-ph/0501668

DAMTP-2005-5: Local Axion Cosmic Strings from Superstrings
by S. C. Davis, P. Binetruy, A. C. Davis (2005-01-25)
Published in: Physics Letters B611, 39-52, 2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0501200
Keywords: axion cosmic strings

DAMTP-2005-2: Fundamental Cosmic Strings
by A. C. Davis, T. W. B. Kibble (2005-01-12)
Published in: Contemporary Physics 46, 313-322, 2005
LANL e-print: hep-th/0505050
Keywords: Fundamental Cosmic Strings