Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Publications by Year

DAMTP-2008-116: Reparameterisation Invariance and RG equation: Extension of the Local Potential Approximations
by D. E. Twigg, H. Osborn (2008-12-22)
Published in: J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42, 195401, 2009.
LANL e-print: arXiv:0901.0450
Keywords: Exact Renormalisation Group, Derivative Expansion

DAMTP-2008-113: Moving NRQCD for heavy-to-light form factors on the lattice
by C. T. H. Davies, K. M. Foley, A. Hart, R. R. Horgan, L. Khomskii, G. P. Lepage, S. Meinel, E. H. M\"uller, M. Wingate (2008-12-08)
Published in: Physical Review D 80, 074505 (2009)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0906.0945
Keywords: heavy quarks, lattice QCD

DAMTP-2008-112: Flavour Violation in Anomaly Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking
by B. C. Allanach, G. Hiller, D. R. T. Jones, P. Slavich (2008-12-03)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics 04 (2009) 088
LANL e-print: arXiv:0902.4880
Keywords: FCNCs, MSSM

DAMTP-2008-111: One Dimensional Counter Ion gas Between Charged Surfaces: Exact results and Asymptotic Analysis
by D. S. Dean, R. R. Horgan, A. Naji, R. Podgornik (2009-01-01)
Published in: Journal of Computational Physics 130 094504, 2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0901.1037

DAMTP-2008-110: Radiative Corrections to the Lattice Gluon action for HISQ Improved Staggered Quarks and the Effect of such Corrections on the Static Potential
by A. Hart, G. M. von Hippel, R. R. Horgan (2009-01-01)
Published in: Physical Review D 79 074008, 2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0812.0503

DAMTP-2008-107: Axino Dark Matter in Anomalous U(1)' Models
by F. Fucito, A. Lionetto, A. Mammarella, A. Racioppi (2008-11-19)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0811.1953
Keywords: Anomalies, Z', axino, dark matter

DAMTP-2008-106: Four-point Correlators with Higher Weight Superconformal Primaries in the AdS/CFT Correspondence
by Linda I. Uruchurtu (2008-11-13)
Published in: JHEP 0903:133,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0811.2320v1
Keywords: AdS/CFT Correspondence, Correlation Functions, Conformal Field Theory

DAMTP-2008-105: Inflation on an Open Racetrack
by Heng Yu Chen, Ling Yan Hung, Gary Shiu (2008-11-13)
Published in: JHEP 0903:083,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0901.0267v2

DAMTP-2008-101: Towards Realistic String Vacua
by J. Conlon, A. Maharana, F. Quevedo (2008-10-29)
Published in: JHEP 0905:109,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0810.5660v5

DAMTP-2008-98: How well can we predict the total cross section at the LHC?
by P V Landshoff (2008-10-24)
Published in: AIP Conference Proceedings 1105
LANL e-print: arXiv:0811.0260

DAMTP-2008-95: Noncovariant gauges at zero and nonzero temperature
by P V Landshoff (2008-10-12)
Submitted to: Acta Physica Austriaca
LANL e-print: arXiv:0810.2192

DAMTP-2008-94: Bottom hadron mass splittings in the static limit from 2+1 flavour lattice QCD
by William Detmold, C. -J. David Lin, Matthew Wingate (2008-12-16)
Published in: Nuclear Physics B 818, 17 (2009)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0812.2583
Keywords: lattice QCD, Lambda_b baryon, spectrum

DAMTP-2008-93: Rare B decays with moving NRQCD and improved staggered quarks
by S. Meinel, E. H. M\"uller, L. Khomskii, A. Hart, R. R. Horgan, M. Wingate (2008-09-29)
Published in: Proceedings of Science LATTICE2008, 280 (2008)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0810.0921
Keywords: lattice qcd flavour

DAMTP-2008-91: Dynamics of Strings between Walls
by M. Eto, T. Fujimori, T. Nagashima, M. Nitta, K. Ohashi, N. Sakai (2008-09-26)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0810.3495

DAMTP-2008-90: Bogomol'nyi Bounds for Gravitational Cosmic Strings
by A. C. Davis, S. Rajamanoharan (2008-09-25)
Published in: JHEP 0901:027,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.4384

DAMTP-2008-89: Non-Abelian Berry Phases and BPS Monopoles
by Julian Sonner, David Tong (2008-09-24)
Published in: Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 191801 (2009)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.3783

DAMTP-2008-88: Gravitino Dark Matter and the Flavour Structure of R-violating Operators
by N. -E. Bomark, S. Lola, P. Osland, A. R. Raklev (2009-06-15)
Published in: Physics Letters B 677, 62-70, 2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0811.2969

DAMTP-2008-87: Production of a Z Boson and Photon via a Randall-Sundrum-Type Graviton at the Large Hadron Collider
by Jordan P. Skittrall (2008-09-16)
Published in: Eur. Phys. J. C 60, 291-295 (2009)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.4383
Keywords: Beyond Standard Model, Pheonomenology of Field Theories in Higher Dimensions

DAMTP-2008-86: LHC and B physics probes of neutrinoless double beta decay in supersymmetry without R-parity
by B. C. Allanach, C. H. Kom, H. Pas (2009-03-03)
Published in: JHEP 0910 (2009) 026
LANL e-print: arXiv:0903.0347
Keywords: Supersymmetry Phenomenology, Neutrino Physics, B-Physics, Collider Phyiscs

DAMTP-2008-85: Scaling Identities for Solitons beyond Derrick's Theorem
by N. S. Manton (2008-09-11)
Published in: Journal of Mathematical Physics 50, 032901, 2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.2891
Keywords: Solitons, Scaling, Derrick's Theorem

DAMTP-2008-84: Strominger-Yau-Zaslow geometry, Affine Spheres and Painlev\'e III
by Maciej Dunajski, Prim Plansangkate (2008-09-11)
Published in: Commun. Math. Phys. 290, 997-1024 (2009)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.3015
Keywords: Calabi-Yau manifolds, affine differential geometry, Hitchin system

DAMTP-2008-83: Tunneling D0-branes
by Chris Pedder (2008-09-10)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.1768

DAMTP-2008-82: SO and USp Kahler and Hyper-Kahler Quotients and Lumps
by M. Eto, T. Fujimori, S. B. Gudnason, M. Nitta, K. Ohashi (2008-09-10)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.2014

DAMTP-2008-78: The Dynamics of Chern-Simons Vortices
by Benjamin Collie, David Tong (2008-09-04)
Published in: Physical Review D78 (2008) 065013
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.0602

DAMTP-2008-77: Neutrino masses in lepton number violating mSUGRA
by C. H. Kom (2008-09-02)
Published in: AIP Conf.Proc.1078:309-311,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.0452v1

DAMTP-2008-76: Dyonic Non-Abelian Vortices
by Benjamin Collie (2009-02-02)
Published in: J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42 (2009) 085404
LANL e-print: arXiv:0809.0394

DAMTP-2008-72: NMSSM in disguise: discovering singlino dark matter with soft leptons at the LHC
by S. Kraml, A. R. Raklev, M. J. White (2008-08-19)
Published in: Physics Letters B 672, 361-366, 2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0811.0011

DAMTP-2008-69: High-Precision Charm-Quark Mass and QCD Coupling from Current-Current Correlators in Lattice and Continuum QCD
by I. Allison, E. Dalgic, C. T. H. Davies, E. Follana, R. R. Horgan, K. Hornbostel, G. P. Lepage, C. McNeile, J. Shigemitsu, H. Trottier, R. M. Woloshyn, K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. K\"uhn, M. Steinhauser, C. Sturm (2008-08-12)
Published in: Physical Review D 78 054513, 2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.2999

DAMTP-2008-68: Perturbative calculations for the HISQ action: the gluon action at $O(N_f\alpha a^2)$
by A. Hart, G. von Hippel, R. R. Horgan (2008-08-12)
Published in: PoS LATTICE2008:046,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0808.1791

DAMTP-2008-67: Second order hydrodynamics of a CFT plasma from boost invariant expansion
by A. Buchel, M. F. Paulos (2008-08-10)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B810:40-65,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0808.1601v2

DAMTP-2008-61: The One-Loop $H^2R^3$ and $H^2(DH)^2R$ Terms in the Effective Action
by David M. Richards (2008-10-10)
Published in: J. High Energy Phys. JHEP10(2008)043
LANL e-print: arXiv:0807.3453
Keywords: Superstrings and Heterotic Strings; Supersymmetric Effective Theories

DAMTP-2008-60: The One-Loop Five-Graviton Amplitude and the Effective Action
by David M. Richards (2008-10-10)
Published in: J. High Energy Phys. JHEP10(2008)042
LANL e-print: arXiv:0807.2421
Keywords: Superstrings and Heterotic Strings; Supersymmetric Effective Theories

DAMTP-2008-59: Fibre inflation: observable gravitational waves from IIB string compactifications
by M. Cicoli, C. P. Burgess, F. Quevedo (2008-07-01)
Published in: JCAP 0903:013,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0808.0691
Keywords: string, cosmology, inflation

DAMTP-2008-58: Cosmic Jerk, Snap and Beyond
by Maciej Dunajski, Gary Gibbons (2008-07-01)
Published in: Class. Quantum. Grav. 25, 235012 (2008)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0807.0207
Keywords: Friedmann equation, Projective Structures

DAMTP-2008-56: Staggered Multi-Field Inflation
by D. Battefeld, T. Battefeld, A. C. Davis (2008-06-27)
Published in: JCAP 0810:032,2008.
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.1953
Keywords: multi-tachyonic inflation, staggered multi-field inflation, non-gaussianity

DAMTP-2008-54: Modular properties of two-loop supergravity and connections with string theory
by M. B. Green, P. Vanhove, J. Russo (2008-06-23)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0807.0389
Keywords: Supergravity, Superstrings, Modular functions

DAMTP-2008-53: Light-cone M5 and multiple M2-branes
by I. A. Bandos, P. K. Townsend (2008-06-21)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav.25:245003,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0906.4777

DAMTP-2008-52: Iterative Structure of the N = 4 SYM Spin Chain
by B. I. Zwiebel (2008-06-11)
Published in: JHEP 0807, 114, 2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.1786

DAMTP-2008-51: Panglossian Prospects for Detecting Neutralino Dark Matter in Light of Natural Priors
by B. C. Allanach, D. Hooper (2008-06-10)
Published in: JHEP10 (2008) 071
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.1923
Keywords: MSSM, mSUGRA, CMSSM, Bayesian fits

DAMTP-2008-49: Relaxation Time of a CFT Plasma at Finite Coupling
by A. Buchel, M. Paulos (2008-06-04)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B805:59-71,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.0788v1

DAMTP-2008-46: Landau Levels and Riemann Zeros
by G. Sierra, P. K. Townsend (2008-05-26)
Published in: Phys.Rev.Lett.101:110201,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.4079

DAMTP-2008-45: Continuous Global Symmetries and Hyperweak Interactions in String Compactifications
by C. P. Burgess, J. P. Conlon, L-Y Hung, C. H. Kom, A. Maharana, F. Quevedo (2008-05-25)
Published in: JHEP 0807, 073 (2008)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.4037

DAMTP-2008-41: SUSY Predictions and SUSY Tools at the LHC
by B. C. Allanach (2008-05-14)
Published in: Eur. J. Phys. C 59 (2009) 427
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.288
Keywords: algorithms, LHC, phenomenology

DAMTP-2008-38: Stability of Asymptotically AdS Wormholes in Vacuum against Scalar Field Perturbations
by D. H. Correa, J. Oliva, R. Troncoso (2008-05-09)
Published in: JHEP0808:081,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.1513v2

DAMTP-2008-37: Global Fits of the Large Volume String Scenario to WMAP5 and Other Indirect Constraints Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
by B. C. Allanach, M. J. Dolan, A. M. Weber (2008-05-06)
Published in: JHEP 08 (2008) 015
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.1184
Keywords: Supersymmetry effective theories, string phenomenology

DAMTP-2008-36: Volume Modulus Inflation and the Gravitino Mass Problem
by J. P. Conlon, R. Kallosh, A. Linde, F. Quevedo (2008-05-05)
Published in: JCAP 0809:011,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.0809v2
Keywords: Inflation, Strings, Supersymmetry

DAMTP-2008-35: f(R) Gravity and Chameleon Theories
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A. C. Davis, D. J. Shaw (2008-05-05)
Published in: Phys.Rev.D78:104021,2008.
LANL e-print: arXiv:0806.3415
Keywords: modified gravity, chameleons

DAMTP-2008-34: Racetrack Inflation and Cosmic Strings
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A. C. Davis, S. C. Davis, R. Jeannerot, M. Postma (2008-05-05)
Published in: JCAP 0807:018,2008.
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.1171
Keywords: racetrack inflation, cosmic superstrings

DAMTP-2008-33: Wave Functions and Yukawa Couplings in local string compactifications
by J. P. Conlon, A. Maharana, F. Quevedo (2008-04-30)
Published in: JHEP0809:104,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0807.0789v1

DAMTP-2008-32: One-Vortex Moduli Space and Ricci Flow
by N. S. Manton (2008-04-27)
Published in: Journal of Geometry and Physics 58, 1772-1783, 2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.0211
Keywords: Abelian Higgs vortex, Moduli space, Ricci flow

DAMTP-2008-31: Bayesian Selection of sign(mu) within mSUGRA in Global Fits Including WMAP5 Results
by Farhan Feroz, Benjamin C Allanach, Mike Hobson, Shehu S AbdusSalam, Roberto Trotta, Arne M Weber (2008-07-29)
Published in: JHEP 10 (2008) 064
LANL e-print: arXiv:0807.4512
Keywords: Supersymmetry phenemenology, Supersymmetric Standard Model, LHC, SUSY Dark matter

DAMTP-2008-30: Instantons, Fermions and Chern-Simons Terms
by Benjamin Collie, David Tong (2008-04-10)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics, 07 (2008) 015
LANL e-print: arXiv:0804.1772

DAMTP-2008-29: Membranes on an Orbifold
by Neil Lambert, David Tong (2008-04-10)
Published in: Physical Review Letters. 101, 041602 (2008)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0804.1114

DAMTP-2008-28: Brane Inflation and Defect Formation
by A. C. Davis, P. Brax, C. van de Bruck (2008-04-09)
Published in: Phil.Trans.Roy.Soc.Lond.A366:2833-2842,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0803.0424
Keywords: brane inflation, defect formation

DAMTP-2008-27: An interpolating dispersionless integrable system
by Maciej Dunajski (2008-04-08)
Published in: J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 41 (2008) 315202
LANL e-print: arXiv:0804.1234
Keywords: Integrable Systems, Hierarchies, Einstein--Weyl structures

DAMTP-2008-26: Instantons and Donaldson-Thomas invariants
by M. Cirafici, A. Sinkovics, R. Szabo (2008-08-01)
Published in: Fortsch.Phys.56:849-855,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0804.1087v1

DAMTP-2008-25: Higher derivative terms including the Ramond-Ramond five-form
by M. F. Paulos (2008-04-04)
Published in: JHEP 0810:047,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0804.0763
Keywords: Higher Derivatives

DAMTP-2008-24: Cohomological gauge theory, quiver matrix models and Donaldson-Thomas theory
by Michele Cirafici, Annamaria Sinkovics, Richard Szabo (2008-09-24)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B809:452-518,2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0803.4188v3

DAMTP-2008-16: General Analysis of LARGE Volume Scenarios with String Loop Moduli Stabilisation
by M. Cicoli, J. -P. Conlon, F. Quevedo (2008-02-29)
Published in: JHEP 0810:105,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0805.1029v4
Keywords: string compactifications

DAMTP-2008-15: A Study of Structure Formation and Reheating in the D3/D7 Brane Inflation Model
by R. Brandenberger, K. Dasgupta, A. C. Davis (2008-02-28)
Published in: Phys.Rev.D78:083502,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0801.3674
Keywords: brane inflation, preheating, defects

DAMTP-2008-13: Physics Beyond the Standard Model: Supersymmetry
by M. M. Nojiri, T. Plehn, G. Polesello, M. Alexander, B. C. Allanach, A. J. Barr, K. Benakli, F. Boudjema, A. Freitas, C. Gwenlan, S. Jager, S. Kraml, S. Kreiss, R. Lafaye, C. G. Lester, N. Kauer, C. Milstene, C. Moura, G. S. Muanza, A. R. Raklev, M. Rauch, M. Schmitt, S. Sekmen, P. Skands, P. Slavich, A. Sopczak, M. Spannowsky, D. R. Tovey, E. Turlay, C. F. Uhlemann, A. M. Weber, P. Zalewski, D. Zerwas (2008-02-26)
Published in: Les Houches 2007, Physics at TeV colliders, 291-361
LANL e-print: arXiv:0802.3672
Keywords: LHC, MSSM

DAMTP-2008-12: String creation, D-branes and effective field theory
by Ling Yan Hung (2008-02-25)
Published in: JHEP 0804:057,2008
LANL e-print: arXiv:0802.3603v1

DAMTP-2008-9: Domain Walls with Non-Abelian Clouds
by M. Eto, T. Fujimori, M. Nitta, K. Ohashi, N. Sakai (2008-02-14)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0802.3135

DAMTP-2008-8: Constructing Non-Abelian Vortices with Arbitrary Gauge Groups
by M. Eto, T. Fujimori, S. B. Gudnason, K. Konishi, M. Nitta, K. Ohashi, W. Vinci (2008-02-06)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0802.1020

DAMTP-2008-7: Applications of the Superconformal Index for Protected Operators and $q$-Hypergeometric Identities to $N=1$ Dual Theories
by F. A. Dolan, H. Osborn (2009-09-11)
Published in: Nucl. Phys. B 818:137-178, 2009
LANL e-print: arXiv:0801.4947
Keywords: $\N=1$ Superconformal Symmetry, Seiberg Duality, Characters, Superconformal Index, $q$-Series

DAMTP-2008-5: Measuring Smuon-Selectron Mass Splitting at the LHC and Patterns of Supersymmetry Breaking
by B. C. Allanach, J. P. Conlon, C. G. Lester (2008-01-22)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D 77, 076006 (2008)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0801.3666
Keywords: Supersymmetry, Collider Phenomenology, Flavour Physics

DAMTP-2008-4: Non-Abelian Vortices without Dynamical Abelianization
by D. Dorigoni, K. Konishi, K. Ohashi (2008-01-16)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0801.3284

DAMTP-2008-3: Successful description of exclusive vector meson electroproduction
by A Donnachie, P V Landshoff (2008-01-16)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0803.0686
Keywords: vector meson rho j/psi

DAMTP-2008-2: Collider Aspects of Flavour Physics at High Q
by T. Lari, B. C. Allanach et al (2008-01-14)
LANL e-print: arXiv:0801.1800
Keywords: LHC, MSSM

DAMTP-2008-1: The Berry Phase of D0-Branes
by Chris Pedder, Julian Sonner, David Tong (2008-01-11)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics, 03 (2008) 065
LANL e-print: arXiv:0801.1813