Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Publications by Year

DAMTP-2018-15: Homological classification of topological terms in sigma models on homogeneous spaces
by J. Davighi, B. Gripaios (2018-04-09)
LANL e-print: arXiv:1803.07585

DAMTP-2018-7: A note on the Hyper--CR equation, and gauged $N=2$ supergravity
by Maciej Dunajski, Jan Gutowski, Wafic Sabra (2018-01-31)
LANL e-print: 1801.10013

DAMTP-2018-6: Dynamically-coupled partial waves in ρπ isospin-2 scattering from lattice QCD
by Antoni J. Woss, Christopher E. Thomas, Jozef J. Dudek, Robert G. Edwards, David J. Wilson (2018-02-15)
LANL e-print: arXiv:1802.05580

DAMTP-2018-5: An example of the geometry of a 5th-order ODE: the metric on the space of conics in CP^2
by Maciej Dunajski, Paul Tod (2018-01-26)
LANL e-print: 1801.08430
Keywords: Geometry of ODEs, Conics, Twistors

DAMTP-2018-4: Conics, Twistors, and anti-self-dual tri-K\"ahler metrics
by Maciej Dunajski, Paul Tod (2018-01-17)
LANL e-print: 1801.05257
Keywords: Twistor theory, Kahler geometry