On the downward control of extratropical diabatic circulations by eddy-induced mean zonal forces

P. H. Haynes, C. J. Marks, M. E. McIntyre, T. G. Shepherd, and K. P. Shine.

J. Atmos. Sci, 48, 651-678. (1991)

This paper thoroughly investigates a particular thought-experiment that I have always felt to be insightful toward understanding global-scale circulations, such as the stratospheric Brewer-Dobson circulation, in terms of the response to gyroscopic pumping by wave-induced forces. A reprint is available here as a pdf scan (2.1Mbyte, © 1991, American Meteorological Society).

The thought-experiment gives insight into the response to gyroscopic pumping of any rapidly rotating, thermally-relaxing fluid system. It is therefore basic, also, to understanding the dynamics of the Sun's and other stellar radiative interiors, and to understanding the dynamics of the solar tachocline.

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