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Topics for 2011
Economics and technology
Housing 2030
Education and skills
Retail and business
Agriculture and green spaces
Topics for 2012
Land use
Social cohesion
Culture, leisure and sport
Energy, water and waste


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Land use in the Cambridge sub-region

The focus of this topic is on how the various demands on land use in the next 20 years should be accommodated. A summary of the workshops is here.

Mal Schofield has gathered predictions for the increases in population, jobs and dwelling needs.

The first workshop, in January 2012, brought together a group of experts to consider issues that will be important for land use in the sub-region in 2030.
Materials from the workshop:
Workshop summary
Relevant points from previous workshops
John Williamson's slides
Alex Plant's slides
Charles Cotton's slides
Ying Jin's slides

A second workshop in the evening of Thursday, 8 March included councillors and officers of local authorities, members of residents associations, and people from business.
Materials from the workshop:
Peter Carolin's slides
Robin Pellew's slides and accompanying notes