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Topics for 2011
Economics and technology
Housing 2030
Education and skills
Retail and business
Agriculture and green spaces
Topics for 2012
Land use
Social cohesion
Culture, leisure and sport
Energy, water and waste


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Social cohesion

The focus of this topic is on what must be done now to maintain social cohesion in 2030, and on the consequences of failure. A summary of the workshops is here.
Some of the issues were discussed at a preparatory meeting on 18 January 2012.

A first workshop, in April 2012, brought together a group of experts to consider issues that will be important for social cohesion in the sub-region in 2030.
Materials from the workshop:
Summary of workshop
Anthony Barker's slides
Julie Farrow's slides
Pat Harding's script
Per-Olof Wikstrom's slides

A second workshop, in the evening of 21 June 2012, included councillors and officers of local authorities, members of residents associations, and people from business.
Materials from the workshop:
Bishop of Huntingdon's introductory slide
Peter Landshoff's slides
Paul Phillipson's slides
Peter Wood's slides

In addition, we organised two workshops with local schools, to bring in the views of some of those who will be nearing 40 years of age in 2030:
  • 5 July: Linton Village College, Manor School Cambridge, Parkside Community College Cambridge, St Peter's School Huntingdon
  • 13 July: Comberton Village College, Cottenham Village College, Hills Road 6th Form College
Before dividing into breakout groups, the students were showna video by Business in the Community, and given an introductory talk by Pat Harding. A summary of their conclusions is here.