Robert Jack

Interdisciplinary Lecturer (Chemistry / DAMTP)
Fellow of Emmanuel College

Email: rlj22 AT

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May-2020: pyRoss report on arXiv.
Apr-2020: Colloquium article on large deviations appears in EPJB.
Apr-2020: Preprint on Ising model large deviations accepted by J Stat Mech.
Apr-2020: Paper on structural communities in glasses appears in J Chem Phys.
Mar-2020: Article on non-Markovian large deviations appears on arXiv.

Research directions
  • How fast do complex systems change? Why do some fluids (like water) flow quickly while others (like honey) flow very slowly? How can biological systems build nano-scale ordered structures so quickly and reliably?

  • What statistical methods can we use to describe change in physical systems? In particular, what happens when motion takes place by localised rare events (cage hopping, avalanches, earthquakes...)?

Research group:
Dr. Jules Guioth (damtp); Dr. Hideki Kobayashi (chemistry); Jakub Dolezal (damtp); Paul Rohrbach (damtp); Yann Keta (intern, damtp); Ian Wu (part iii chemistry).

Recent (and some not-so-recent):
Dr. Tobias Brewer; Dr. Lester Hedges; Dr. Chris Fullerton; Dr. James Grant; Dr. Marcus Kaiser; Dr. Daphne Klotsa; Dr. Clement Law; Dr. Ian Thompson; Ed Wastell; Jeremy O'Byrne.

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