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Centre for Mathematical Sciences
University of Cambridge
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Cambridge CB3 0WA, U.K.

Tel: +44-1223-766349

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Archive (selected):
Kerswell, R.R. ``The instability of precessing flow'' Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dynam. 72, 107-144, 1993.
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Zolfaghari, H., Kerswell, R.R., Obrist, D. & Schmid, P.J. ``Sensitivity and downstream influence of the impinging leading edge vortex instability in a bileaflet mechanical heart valve'' J. Fluid Mech. 936 , A41, 2022.
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Nivarti, G.V., Kerswell, R.R., Marston, J.B & Tobias, S.M. ``Non-equivalence of quasilinear dynamical systems and their statistical closures''
Markeviciute, V.K. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Threshold transient growth as a criterion for turbulent mean profiles''
Page, J., Norgaard, P., Brenner, M. P. & Kerswell, R. R. ``Recurrent flow patterns as a basis for turbulence: predicting statistics from structures''
Beneitez, M., Page, J., Dubief, Y. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Multistability of elasto-inertial two-dimensional channel flow''
Couchman, M.M.P., Beneitez, M., Page, J. & Kerswell, R.R. ``Inertial enhancement of the polymer diffusive instability"
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Zhu, L., Jiang, X. , Lefauve, A., Kerswell, R.R. & Linden, P.F. ``Physics-informed neural network to augment experimental data: an application to stratified flows"
Shokar, I.J.S., Kerswell, R.R. and Haynes, P.H. ``Stochastic latent transformer: efficient modelling of stochastically forced zonal jets''
Lewy, T. and Kerswell, R.R. ``The polymer diffusive instability in highly concentrated polymeric fluids''


Ashley Willis, EPSRC-funded 2005-2008 (now Senior Lecturer at Sheffield University)
Yohann Duguet
, Marie-Curie Fellow 2006-2008 (now CNRS, LIMSI, Paris)
Laurent Lacaze, Marie-Curie Fellow 2006-2008 (now CNRS, IMFT, Toulouse)
Mark Woodhouse, Renishaw & North Bristol NHS Trust funded 2007-2009 (now NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Bristol University)
Gary Chandler, EPSRC-funded 2010-2011 (now Motorsport engineering)
Dan Lucas, EPSRC-funded 2012-2013 (now Lecturer at St Andrews University)
Colin Leclercq, EPSRC-funded 2014-2016 (now Ingenieur de Recherche, ONERA, Meudon)
Jacob Page, EPSRC-funded 2016-2018 (now Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Edinburgh University)
Jake Langham, EPSRC Doctoral Prize 2017-2019 (now a postdoc with Prof Andrew Hogg at Bristol)
Zijing Ding, EPSRC-funded 2017-2020 (now Professor at the Harbin Institute of Technology, China) (genius)
Hadi Zolfaghari SNSF-funded & Marie-Curie Fellow 2020-2023
Miles Couchman DAMTP-funded (with C.P. Caulfield) 2020-2022 (now Assistant Professor at York University, Canada)
Lu Zhu ERC-funded (with P.F. Linden) 2021-2023 and 2023-2024 (DAMTP-funded)
Miguel Beneitez, EPSRC-funded (with J. Page, Edinburgh) 2021-2024
Anagha Madhusudanan, INI-Simons Fellow Jan-Dec 2022 (now a 5-year INSPIRE fellow in Bengaluru)
Dario Klingenberg , DAAD Scholar (German Academic Exchange) Sept 2023-Feb 2025

Graduate students:

Darren Mason 1995-1999 (now software engineering).
Denise Cooper (née Barnes) 1996-2000 (now senior software engineer at Radan Computational Ltd, Bath, in CAD).
Robert Mason 1998-2001 (now Serco Assurance, Dorchester, in scientific consultancy).
Stephen Plasting 2000-2004 (followed by a postdoc at Scripps Oceanographic Institute, San Diego with W.R. Young; now finance).
Hakan Wedin 2001-2004 (followed by postdocs at Kyoto University with M. Nagata and now Genoa University with A. Bottaro).
Chris Pringle 2005-2009 (followed by postdocs at Reading and Nottingham Universities, now Senior Lecturer at Coventry University).
Helen Sweeney 2008-2011 (followed by training with Teach First).
Samuel Rabin 2009-2013, co-supervised with C. Caulfield (now finance).
Matthew Chantry 2010-2014 (followed by postdocs in Paris and Oxford, now at ECMWF).
Daniel Olvera 2012-2016 (followed by a postdoc with Chris Pringle at Coventry University).
Jeremy Parker 2017-2020, co-supervised with C. Caulfield (followed by a postdoc with T. Schneider at EPFL from Nov 2020).
Vilda Markeviciute 2018-2022 (EPSRC, now at Expedia)
Will Oxley 2020- (EPSRC).
Gergely Buza 2020- (Harding Fellow).
Joe Holey 2020- (CMI) co-supervised with J. Page.
Ira Shokar 2021- (AI4ER), co-supervised with P. Haynes.
Rami Cassia 2021- (CMI).
Theo Lewy 2022- (Trust Fellow).