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 EuroStrings 2006: April 3-7, Cambridge, UK


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The conference will take place in Meeting Room 2 in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences on Clarkson Road, which is about twenty minutes on foot west from the City Centre.
PLEASE NOTE:  The entrance is reached by a footpath off Clarkson Road on the right-hand side of the Isaac Newton Institute (see map).  Do NOT go to the Newton Institute.

Conference contact information:

Eurostrings 2006, DAMTP/CMS
Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA
phone: +44 1223 337873,   fax: +44 1223 766883

Computing facilities

Each participant will be issued with a username and password during registration. Terminals are located close to the Main Lecture Theatre (Meeting Room 2) that is clearly sign posted. These will allow you to use ssh or telnet to your host institutions and use the web.  A limited amount of printing is also possible. A wireless network is in the final stages of installation and is likely to be running in time for the conference.

Coffee/Tea breaks and lunches

Coffee, tea and other refreshments will be provided in the morning and afternoon breaks in the cafeteria area. Lunches will be provided in the cafeteria to registered particpants only, so please wear your name badges for identification.


The conference banquet will be at Trinity College on Wednesday.  A reception in the Old Kitchens at 7.00pm will be followed by the meal in the main dining hall at 7.45pm. You will all have filled in a meal choice.  These are colour coded on the banquet tickets that you will get at registration.  It is essential that you bring your meal ticket with you and it will not be possible to change your meal choice since Trinity have been given the numbers for each choice. Dress code: Informal.

Online proceedings

There will be no hard copy of the proceedings. The web archive will contain scanned transparencies and audio versions of each talk.

Getting around (bus, taxi, train)

Taxi stands are located at the railway station, bus station and Market Square in the city centre. The bus station is located at Drummer Street.
The train station is located to the south of the centre, about 20-30 minutes walk from the centre.

Tourist information

The Cambridge tourist information office has its own website.


A searchable list of Cambridge restaurants can be found on this website.