Group Members

Head of Group


  • Angelica I. Aviles-Rivero: Inverse problems, medical imaging, computational analysis and machine learning
  • Martin Benning: Singular regularisation in inverse problems
  • Matthias Ehrhardt: Image reconstruction in medical inverse imaging
  • Joana Grah: Machine learning and medical imaging
  • Hanne Kekkonen: (Statistical) inverse problems, regularisation and uncertainty quantification
  • Lukas Lang: Mathematical image analysis, variational methods and inverse problems
  • Jingwei Liang: Non-smooth optimisation, image processing and machine learning
  • Pan Liu: PDEs, calculus of variations, image processing and machine learning
  • Matthew Thorpe: Graphical models, optimal transport, machine learning and discrete-to-continuous limits

Ph.D. students


  • Rosa Kowalewski (2017/18, master student, University of Luebeck): Deep neural networks for image registration.

Former Members

  • Joana Grah (2014-2017, PhD student, co-supervision with Stefanie Reichelt, CRUK CI): Mathematical image analysis for cancer research applications.
  • Rob Hocking (2013-2017, PhD student): Image and video inpainting.
  • Tamara Grossmann (2017, master student, University of Münster): Superresolution for photo acoustic tomography.
  • Sebastian Neumayer (2016/17, master student, University of Kaiserslautern): Indirect image matching for tomographic inversion under shape priors.
  • Georg Maierhofer (2016, summer intern): Learning an optimal sampling pattern for MRI.
  • Vladimir Vankov (2016, summer intern): Classification and Standardization of Ancient Pottery by Machine Learning and Geometric Analysis.
  • Emile Okada (2016, summer intern): Building imaging devices: from hardware to software.
  • Chris Irving (2016, summer intern): Building imaging devices: from hardware to software.
  • Wuhyun Sohn (2016, summer intern): Seismic imaging.
  • Torbjørn Ringholm (July-August 2016, visiting PhD student from NTNU, Norway).
  • Antonin Chambolle (September 2015 until June 2016, visiting from CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, France).
  • Marie Foged Schmidt (DTU, Denmark, February - June 2016).
  • Ping Zhong (January 2015 - January 2016, visiting scholar from National University of Defense Technology, Changsha City, China).
  • Gaohang Yu (January 2015 - January 2016, visiting scholar from Gannan Normal University, China).
  • Yoeri Boink (September - December 2015, visiting master student from University of Twente): Motion analysis.
  • Sam Thomas (2015, intern): InSAR phase unwrapping.
  • Verner Vlacic (2015, intern): Dynamic image regularisation.
  • Juheon Lee (2012-2016, PhD student). Thesis: Mapping individual trees from airborne multi-sensor imagery. Now PostDoc at Stanford University.
  • Xiaohao Cai (2014-2016, PostDoc). Now PostDoc at UCL.
  • Tuomo Valkonen (2012-2016, PostDoc). Now Lecturer at University of Liverpool.
  • Luca Calatroni (2012-2015, PhD student). Thesis: New PDE models for imaging problems and applications. Now PostDoc in MIDA group of the University of Genova.
  • Jan Lellmann (2011-2015, PostDoc and Leverhulme Early Career Fellow). Now Professor at the University of Lübeck.
  • Evangelos Papoutsellis (2011-2015, PhD student). Thesis: First-order gradient regularisation methods for image restoration: reconstruction of tomographic images with thin structures and denoising piecewise affine images. Now PostDoc with Maitine Bergonioux at University of Orleans.
  • Marie Autume (2012 & 2015, visiting intern, ENS Cachan): Art restoration. Joint supervision with Spike Bucklow from the Hamilton-Kerr Institute and Stella Panayotova from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
  • Veronica Corona (2014/2015, visiting master student from University of Delft): Multi-spectral characterisation of thalamic nuclei with ultra-high field MRI. Joint with Peter Nestor (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Magdeburg). 
  • Kostas Papafitsoros (PhD student until 2014, then PostDoc until mid-2015): Higher-order regularity in imaging.
    Thesis: Novel higher order regularisation methods for image reconstruction. He now holds a Humboldt Fellowship and is working with Michael Hintermueller at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin, Germany.
  • Maria Hänel (2014, visiting PhD student, University of Bayreuth): Optimal placement of cameras.
  • Goezde Sarikaya (2014, intern): Reconstruction of MRI data.
  • Rob Tovey (2014, intern): Higher-order convex-concave regularization.
  • Stefi Anita (2014): Segmentation for radiotherapy treatment planning. Joint project with VoxTox.
  • Ziad Kobeissi (2014, intern): Generating artificial fingerprints. Joint project with Bertram Düring (Uni Sussex), Carsten Gottschlich (Uni Göttingen), Stephan Huckemann (Uni Göttingen).
  • Hendrik Dirks (2013, visiting David-Crighton Fellow, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster): Imaging of intracellular flows. Joint project with Ray Goldstein from DAMTP.
  • Joana Grah (2013-2014, visiting Master's student, University of Münster).
  • Rien Lagerwerf (2014/2015, visiting Master's student, University of Twente): TGV-type inpainting for limited-angle tomography. Joint with Christoph Brune (University of Twente, Netherlands)