Coronal Loop Workshop VII

Heating of the Magnetically Closed Corona

DAMTP, CMS, University of Cambridge, 21-23 July 2015


Photo by Daniel Oi

Cambridge Philosophical Society


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the online registration and abstract submission for the 7th Coronal Loops Workshop to be held at the Centre for Mathematical Science, University of Cambridge, from 21-23 July 2015 will be open on February 4th. The workshop is expected to extend over three full days. A reception will take place on the evening of Monday, 20th July. A conference dinner will be held at St Edmund's College on Wednesday 22nd July.

A limited amount of funds may be available to support students and early post-docs. Requests for financial support should be made via the Comments section when submitting an abstract.

Conference website:

Registration and Deadlines:

* All abstracts due by 17 Apr 2015

* Financial support request (via abstract submission form) deadline: 17 Apr 2015

* Registration deadline: 1 June 2015 (100 GBP), reduced for students (50 GBP).

After this deadline please email loopworkshop (at) to check availability to attend this workshop. The SOC intends to limit the number of participants to ensure focused discussions.


We have made a block booking of 60 en-suite rooms at Gonville and Caius college, a few minutes walking distance from the Conference location. Bookings for these rooms can be made via the registration form on the conference website. The cost is 66 GBP per night (including breakfast). The rooms are basic student-type accommodation and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Hotels are available in the area (see links on the conference website), but we strongly advise early booking, since Cambridge gets very busy in the summertime, and it may not be possible to find a room if you leave it too late. Hotels should be booked directly, not via the conference organisers.

Scientific Programme

The loops workshops are a series of highly focused workshops dealing with the observation and modeling of magnetically confined plasma in active regions. The programme and invited speakers are as follows:

Session 1 - Coronal Heating: Global Active Region Models and Mechanisms

- Heating mechanisms (reconnection vs waves vs spicules)

Mahboubeh Asgari-Targhi

- Global AR models (visualizations etc.)

Ignaki Ugarte-Urra

- Beyond hydro or MHD modeling

Tony Arber

Session 2 - Transition Region-Corona Connection

- Observations (IRIS, Hi-C, AIA, CRISP etc) vs theory; chromosphere

Bart De Pontieu

- Classical TR vs low lying cool loops

Pia Zacharis

- Role of spicules

Tiago Pereira

Session 3 - Fine Scale Structure and Non-equilibrium Processes

- Fine-scale structure of loops, and/or braiding (observations vs modeling)

Patrick Antolin

- Current sheets and turbulence

Bruno Coppi

- Diagnostics - developments and limitations

Peter Young

- Advances in treating non-equilibrium processes

Jaroslav Dudik

Session 4 - Wrap up session

- What doesn't match up between theory and observations?

Philippa Browning and Harry Warren

The review talks will introduce these topics, highlighting recent progress and unresolved questions. Both observational and theoretical aspects will be covered during each session by contributed talks and discussion.

The workshop's main goal is to encourage discussion among the participants. For this reason the number of talks will be limited, while the poster sessions will be long enough to allow time to view and discuss the others participants' work. We strongly encourage young researchers to participate.

PLEASE NOTE: Only abstracts (and registrations of participants) directly relevant to the main focus of the workshop will be accepted by the SOC.

For further information please check the web site:

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Helen Mason (chair)
  • Caroline Alexander
  • Inigo Arregui
  • Stephen Bradshaw
  • David Brooks
  • Leon Golub
  • Viggo Hansteen
  • Susanna Parenti

Local Organising Committee

  • Giulio Del Zanna (Chair)
  • Helen Mason
  • Andrew Hillier
  • Vanessa Polito
  • Stephen Bradshaw
  • Jaroslav Dudik
  • Durgesh Tripathi
  • Virginia Mullins (Administrative Assistant)

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