Coronal Loop Workshop VII

Heating of the Magnetically Closed Corona

DAMTP, CMS, University of Cambridge, 21-23 July 2015


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21-23 July 2015
Cambridge Philosophical Society
Welcome to Coronal Loops VII. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@coronal_loops7)! WE look forward to your tweets using #Loops7.

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The conference will review past and recent achievements, as well as future challenges, in the field of solar coronal loop physics.


The meeting will be hosted by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), at the University of Cambridge.


We are grateful to ESA, the National Science Foundation (USA), and the Cambridge Philosophical Society (UK) for their financial support towards students and early post-docs. The NSF funding is generally given to US-based researchers and then to scientists from countries that are recognized by the NSF as being underfunded in STEM-related fields. The NSF funding will be managed through Rice University.


For any special requests please email: loopworkshop(at)

The conference facebook page, called Coronal Loops Workshop VII, will be updated with lots of relevant information throughout the week of the meeting. We also have a conference twitter account, @coronal_loops7, and we'll be using the hastag #Loops7 throughout the conference.


Please note that due to the short time left until the meeting, if you have registered for the conference, meals &/or college accomodation, you will be liable for these expenses.

Conference poster

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Scientific Organising Committee

  • Helen Mason (chair)
  • Caroline Alexander
  • Inigo Arregui
  • Stephen Bradshaw
  • David Brooks
  • Leon Golub
  • Viggo Hansteen
  • Susanna Parenti

Local Organising Committee

  • Giulio Del Zanna (Chair)
  • Helen Mason
  • Andrew Hillier
  • Vanessa Polito
  • Stephen Bradshaw
  • Jaroslav Dudik
  • Durgesh Tripathi
  • Virginia Mullins (Administrative Assistant)
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