Coronal Loop Workshop VII

Heating of the Magnetically Closed Corona

DAMTP, CMS, University of Cambridge, 21-23 July 2015


Photo by Daniel Oi

Cambridge Philosophical Society


Loops VII - Heating of the magnetically-closed corona

The abstract book can be downloaded here.

Day 1 - Tuesday 21st July (9:15am-6:00pm)

8:30am Registration
9:15am-9:20am Short Welcome

Session 1 - Coronal Heating: Global Active Region Models and Mechanisms

Chair: Jim Klimchuk
9:20am-10:05am Heating mechanisms (reconnection vs waves)
M. Asgari-Targhi (Invited)
10:05am-10:25am Evidence for evaporation-incomplete condensation cycles in warm solar coronal loops
C. Froment, F. Auchère, K.Bocchialini, E.Buchlin, C.Guennou & J.Solomon
10:25am-10:45am Non-Thermal Motions in the Hot Cores of Solar Active Regions
D. Brooks & H. P. Warren

Tea & Coffee break (10:45am-11:30am)

11:30am-12:15pm A global picture of active regions: models meet observables
I. Ugarte-Urra (Invited)
12:15pm-12:35pm On the active region cores
G. Del Zanna & H. Mason
12:35pm-12:55pm Nanoflare vs footpoint heating : Observational signatures
A. Winebarger, C. Alexander, R. Lionello, J. Linker, Z. Mikic, C. Downs

Lunch, Poster session, & e-posters 1 & 2 (1:00pm-2:15pm)

Chair: Fabio Reale
2:15pm-3:00pm Beyond hydro or MHD modelling
T. Arber (Invited)
3:00pm-3:20pm Heating of braided coronal loops by turbulent 3D reconnection
A. Russell, G. Hornig & A. Yeates
3:20pm-3:40pm Suppression of heating of coronal loops rooted in opposite polarity sunspot umbrae
S. K. Tiwari , J. Thalmann, A. Winebarger, N. Panesar & R. L. Moore

Tea & Coffee break (3:45pm-4:30pm)

Chair: Helen Mason
4:30pm-6:00pm Poster Soap Box & General Discussion

Day 2 - Wednesday 22nd July (9:15am-6:00pm)

Session 2 - Transition Region-Corona Connection

Chair: Viggo Hansteen
9:15am-10:00am Observations and modeling of the chromosphere and its connections to the outer atmosphere
B. De Pontieu (Invited)
10:00am-10:20am Modeling chromospheric nanoflares
J. Reep, S. Bradshaw & D. Alexander
10:20am-10:40am Insights from Hi-C into the structure and dynamics of an AR Transition Region
R. Morton, J. McLaughlin, A. Winebarger

Tea & Coffee break (10:45am-11:30am)

11:30am-12:15pm Classical TR vs low lying loops
P. Zacharias (Invited)
12:15pm-12:35pm Miniature coronal loops
K. Barczynski & H. Peter
12:35pm-12:55pm Coronal science with IRIS
P. Testa, B. De Pontieu, J. Allred, M. Carlsson, F. Reale, V. Hansteen

Lunch, Poster session, & e-posters 3 & 4 (1:00pm-2:15pm)

2:15pm-3:00pm The Role of Spicules
T. M. D. Pereira (Invited)
3:00pm-3:20pm Transition Region cool loops: the case of optically thick radiative losses
C. Sasso, V. Andretta, D. Spadaro
3:20pm-3:45pm Discussion

Tea & Coffee break (3:45pm-4:30pm)

Session 3 - Fine Scale Structure and Non-equilibrium Processes

Chair: Stephen Bradshaw
4:30pm-5:15pm Fine-scale structuring, braiding and heating of loops from thermal and wave instabilities
P. Antolin, G. Vissers, T. Okamoto & L. Rouppe van der Voort (Invited)
5:15pm-5:35pm Avalanche models for coronal energy release
A. Hood, P. Browning & P. Cargill
5:35pm-5:55pm Unresolved Plasma Motions in Coronal Loops
H. Hara

Day 3 - Thursday 23rd July (9:15am-5:30pm)

Chair: Leon Golub
9:15am-10:00am Realistic Magnetic Reconnection Processes and their Role in the Dynamics of Coronal Loops
B. Coppi (Invited)
10:00am-10:20am The Onset of Magnetic Reconnection
J. A. Klimchuk & L. Daldorff
10:20am-10:40am Discussion

Tea & Coffee break (10:45am-11:30am)

Chair: David Brooks
Coronal loop diagnostics - developments and limitations
P. Young (Invited)
12:15pm-12:35pm Analysis of time-resolved emission from bright hot pixels of an active region observed in the EUV band with SDO/AIA
E. Tajfirouze, F. Reale, A. Petralia & P. Testa
12:35pm-12:55pm Current Sheet Formation During the Ideal Relaxation of Magnetic Fields
S. Candelaresi, D. Pontin & G. Hornig

Lunch & Poster session (1:00pm-2:15pm)

Chair: Amy Winebarger
2:15pm-3:00pm Advances in treating non-equilibrium processes
J. Dudik (Invited)
3:00pm-3:30pm Discussion

Tea & Coffee break (3:30pm-4:00pm)

4:00pm-5:30pm What doesn't match between theory and observations
P. Browning (Theory) & H. Warren (Observations) (Invited)

List of Poster Presentations

We have allocated a space of 112cm (vertical) by 85cm (horizontal) for the posters. This can fit an A0 portrait poster. If anyone has any special requests, e.g. would like to present a poster that is larger than these dimensions or A0 landscape, please contact the LOC and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

P1.1Heating of Coronal Loops by Magnetic-Gradient Pumping Mechanism
B. Tan
P1.2The effect of plasma inhomogeneities on (i) radio emission generation by non-gyrotropic electron beams and (ii) particle acceleration by Langmuir waves
D. Tsiklauri
P1.3Multi-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Modelling of Propagating Disturbances in Corona
X. Fang, D. Yuan, T. Van Doorsselaere, R. Keppens & C. Xia
P1.4Characteristics of solar particle acceleration in a non-flaring active region
J. Threlfall, Ph.-A. Bourdin, T. Neukirch & C. E. Parnell
P1.5Cooling of multi-stranded coronal loop: comparison with observations
S. Regnier
P1.6Dynamic evolution of EUV loops
Y. Zhang
P1.7Propagation of fast magneto-acoustic wave trains in a magnetic tube
S. Shestov, V.M. Nakariakov & S. Kuzin
P1.8Formation, evolution and oscillation of coronal loops in a 3D MHD simulation of the solar corona
J. Warnecke F. Chen, S. Bingert & H. Peter
P1.9X-ray imaging spectroscopy of non-flaring active regions with NuSTAR
I. Hannah, Smith, Marsh, Glesener, Krucker, Hudson, Grefenstette & Madsen
P1.10Emission measure distribution of nanoflare-heated coronal loops
M. Lopez-Fuentes & J. A. Klimchuk
P1.11Off-limb hot thermal structure of AR 11459 with SOHO SUMER and Hinode/EIS
S. Parenti, F. Reale, P. Testa, H. Mason, L. Teriaca & G. Del Zanna
P1.12Are Active Regions and the Quiet Sun Heated by the Same Mechanisms?
N. Viall & J. A. Klimchuk
P1.13Modeling a full coronal loop observed with EIS and AIA
C. E. Alexander & A. R. Winebarger
P1.14Evidence for Wave Heating of the Quiet Corona
M. Hahn & D. W. Savin
P1.15Key Aspects of Coronal Heating
J. A. Klimchuk
P1.16Highly Squashed Expanding Magnetic Flux-Tubes in a Quiescent Solar Active Region
J. Dudik, E. Dzifcakova & J. W. Cirtain
P1.17Forward modelling of plasma motions in flaring twisted coronal loops
M. Gordovskyy, P. K. Browning & E. Kontar
P1.18 e-poster 1Wave-like formation of hot arcades
A. Reva, S. Shestov, I. Zimovets, S. Bogachev & S. Kuzin
P1.19Temperature diagnostic of coronal loops
S. Regnier, R. W. Walsh & C. E. Alexander
P1.20Model comparison for the density structure across solar coronal loops
I. Arregui & R. Soler
P1.21Regularized EMD maps of non-flaring active regions
P. J. Wright & I. G. Hannah
P1.22IRIS and EIS observations of Fan Loops Emanating from a Sunspot
A. Ghosh, D. Tripathi, Girjesh Gupta, Venessa Polito & H. Mason
P1.23Physical Plasma Parameters Along the Full Loop Length of a Coronal Loop
G. R. Gupta, D. Tripathi & H. E. Mason
P1.24CHIANTI version 8
G. Del Zanna, K. Dere, P. Young, E. Landi & H. E. Mason
P1.25Characterizing A Closed Field Coronal Heating Model Inspired by Wave Turbulence
C. Downs, R. Lionello, Z. Mikic, J. Linker & M. Velli
P1.26Effects of Ion Heating on Emission Measure of Coronal Loops in Active Region Cores
W. T. Barnes & S. J. Bradshaw
P1.27Active region upflows: 1. Multi-instrument observations
K. Vanninathan, M.S. Madjarska, K. Galsgaard, Z. Huang & J. G. Doyle
P1.28Determining the Frequency of Coronal Heating with the Marshall Grazing Incidence X-ray Spectrometer (MaGIXS)
A. Winebarger, S. Savage, K. Kobayashi, J. Cirtain, P. Champey, P. Cheimets, L. Golub, E. DeLuca, P. Testa, K. Reeves, H. Warren, S. Bradshaw, D. McKenzie, H. Mason, G. Del Zanna & R. W. Walsh
P1.29Simultaneous HINODE/EIS and IRIS observation of an X-class flare
V. Polito, J. Reep, K. Reeves, P. Simoes, G. Del Zanna, H. E. Mason & L. Golub
P1.30EVE inference of the properties of CME progenitor loops
H. Hudson
P1.31Study of the First Ionisation Potential (FIP) effect in Solar Active Regions with Hinode/EIS
M. Vitti, G. Del Zanna & H. Mason
P2.1 e-poster 2Magnetic Coupling between Chromosphere and Corona
M. J. Aschwanden
P2.2Chromospheric seismology above sunspot umbrae
B. Snow
P2.3The role of type II spicules in the lower transition region
V. Andretta, J. A. Klimchuk, B. Fleck, C. Sasso & Th. Straus
P2.4 e-poster 3Measuring Elemental Abundances in Impulsive Heating Events with EIS
H. Warren
P2.5 e-poster 43D reconstruction of coronal loops in active regions by Principal Component Analysis
G. Nistico & V. M. Nakariakov
P2.6A Computational Method for Modelling Chromospheric Evaporation
C. Johnston
P3.1Multidimensional modelling of Coronal Rain
X. Fang, R. Keppens, C. Xia, T. Van Doorsselaere
P3.23D Simulations on Coronal Rain Events
S. P. Moschou, R. Keppens, C. Xia & X. Fang
P3.3Random Amplitude Pulse Trains in Solar Coronal Loops
F. Auchere, C. Froment, K. Bocchialini, E. Buchlin & J. Solomon
P3.4Electron kappa-distributions and the non-equilibrium ionization in the transition region and solar corona
E. Dzifcakova, J. Dudik & S. Mackovjak
P3.5 Coronal loops activated by downfalling fragments of a solar eruption
A. Petralia, F. Reale, S. Orlando, P. Testa
P3.6Physics of outflows near solar active regions
D. Price & Y. Taroyan
P3.73D MHD modeling of coronal loops
F. Reale et al.
P3.8Numerical and Observational Examination of the Spectral Variation of Extended Coronal Hard X-ray Sources
D. Stackhouse & E. Kontar
P3.9Intensity Conserving Spline Interpolation (ICSI): A New Tool for Spectroscopic Analysis
J. A. Klimchuk, S. Patsourakos & D. Tripathi
P3.10The EUV Emission Lines observed by Hinode/EIS: Average spectra, densities, and missing pixels
J. Lorincik, J. Dudik & E. Dzifcakova
P3.11Diagnostics of kappa-distributions in a transient coronal loop using Hinode/EIS and SDO/AIA observations obtained during HOP 226
J. Dudik
P3.12SWAP Observations of Post-flare Loops and the Effects of Background Coronal Conditions
M. J. West & D. B. Seaton
P3.13Estimation of the back-illumination of the chromosphere for the 2011-02-15 flare
M. Skender, V. Andretta, M. Varady & P. Heinzel
P3.14MHD Simulations of the Interaction of Two Twisted Flux Tubes - Implications for Coronal Heating
K. J. Knizhnik, S. K. Antiochos, C. R. DeVore, J. A. Klimchuk & P. F. Wy
P3.15Influence of Multiple Ionization on Studies of Nanoflare Heated Plasmas
M. Hahn & D. W. Savin
P3.16 Automatic Event Detection Algorithm: Application to Time Lag Analysis Between C II and Si IV Slit-jaw Images of the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph
B. Fayock, B. De Pontieu & A. Winebarger

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