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Goldstein Lab


Our Research at the University of Cambridge is supported by a number of sources. Chief among them is the Schlumberger Corporation, through its generous endowment of the Schlumberger Chair of Complex Physical Systems.

Grants currently funding work in the group include:

We have an Investigator Award from the Wellcome Trust for the project "Biomechanics of Ciliated Tissues". This 5-year award allows us to focus on three inter-related aspects of ciliated tissues; morphological transformations of cell sheets, the emergence of long-range order in the orientation of beating cilia, and the origin of metachronal waves in such tissues. Much of the research will use as model organisms members of the Volvocine green algae, whose flagella are extremely close in structure to mammalian cilia, but our work also involves Xenopus.

Through the generous support of the Marine Microbiology Initiative of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, we have a 2.5 year grant to study "A quantitative approach to marine ecosystem dynamics: from the individual to the collective". There are two thrusts to this work: the first involves a laboratory realization of algal blooms, and the second focuses on the nature of bioluminiscence of marine microorganisms.

We have recently received a major grant from the John Templeton Foundation for work on "Physical Aspects of Early Multicellular Development". This will allow us to explore the fascinating processes of extracellular matrix growth in several classes of model organisms, with an eye toward understanding the temporal ratchet present in development.

We are grateful to the agencies below for prior research support