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Properties and Application of the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence

Funded under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007/2013), ERC Grant 247252 STRING.

The Team and Departmental Collaborators

green dorey tong reall skinner santos quevedo
Michael Green Principal Investigator Nick Dorey David Tong
(until Oct 2011)
Harvey Reall
(until Nov 2011)
David Skinner
(from Oct 2013)
Jorge Santos
(from Oct 2014)
Fernando Quevedo On leave - Director ICTP Trieste

The project has three interelated strands:          

                                                                         (1) Applications of the gauge/gravity correspondence to strongly couple matter.

                                                                         (2) The application of the gauge/gravity correspondence to gravitational systems.

                                                                                     (a) Classical and quantum properties of black holes;

                                                                                     (b) Early Universe cosmology and cosmological singularities.

                                                                         (3) Development of the structure of the gauge/gravity correspondence.

                                                                                     (a) The integrability of maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and string theory;

                                                                                     (b) Developing the understanding of string theory beyond its pertubative approximation.

The research personnel include permanent faculty, who constitute the Team, and Departmental Collaborators; post doctoral researchers with expertise in different strands of the project and appointed for up to three years; PhD students of the permanent faculty; Short-term and long-term visitors.

Post doctoral appointments:

dias obannon dorigoni mafra gomes Schlotterer “Tourkine”
Oscar Dias Andy O'Bannon Daniele Dorigoni Carlos Mafra Joao Gomes Oliver Schlotterer Piotr Tourquine
(1/02/2011 -
(1/10/2010 -
(1/10/2011-) (1/10/2012-) (1/01/2013 -

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We will host a conference in DAMTP from 23 March to 27 March 2015 see web site:

Eurostrings 2015