Cambridge Mathematical Tripos Part III (CASM)

During Lent term 2018, I will be giving 16 lectures on the dynamics of astrophysical discs, as part of Part III of the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos.
Lectures take place at 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room MR5.

On this webpage I will post the course schedule, pictures, movies, and other material that appear in the lectures, as well as suggestions for additional reading, original references, example sheets, etc.

Introductory references and general review articles

References on specific disk types

Example sheets & classes


Lecture 1 (18/01/2018): Introduction (pdf) Lecture 2 (23/01/2018): Orbital Dynamics I Lecture 3 (25/01/2018): Orbital Dynamics II + Equations of AFD Lecture 4 (30/01/2018): Viscous Accretion Disks I Lecture 5 (1/02/2018): Viscous Accretion Disks II Lecture 6 (06/02/2018): Viscous Accretion Disks III Lecture 7 (08/02/2018): Vertical Disk Structure Lecture 8 (13/02/2018): Cataclysmic Variables Lecture 9 (15/02/2018): Local Disk Models Lecture 10 (20/02/2018): Incompressible Dynamics, Shearing Inertial Waves, and Centrifugal Instability
Lecture 11 (22/02/2018): Vortices in Disks
Lecture 12 (27/02/2018): Density Waves and Gravitational Instability Lecture 13 (01/03/2018): Satellite-Disk Interactions I Lecture 14 (06/03/2018): Satellite-Disk Interactions II Lecture 15 (08/03/2018): Magnetorotational Instability I Lecture 16 (13/03/2018): Magnetorotational Instability II