Recent Talks given by Maciej Dunajski

(1) Non-relativistic twistor theory and Newton-Cartan geometry Third EFI winter conference on Quantum Gravity, Tux, Austria, February 2015.

(2) How to recognize a conformally Einstein metric? Princeton, November 2014.

(3) Solitons from Geometry. Conformal and Kahler Geometry, Paris France, October 2012. Video from a meeting Topological Dynamics in the Physical and Biological Sciences, Cambridge UK, December 2012.

(4) How to recognize a conformally Kahler metric. Gauge Theory and ComplexGeometry, Leeds UK, July 2011.

(5) A problem of Roger Liouville. Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics, Moscow Russia, December 2011. Video.

(6) G_2 structures and twistor theory. Manifolds with Special Holonomy and their Calibrated Submanifolds and Connections, Banff Canada 2012.

(7) Twistor Theory and Differential Equations. Geometry of ODE's and Vector Distributions. Warsaw Poland, January 2009. Audio from IPM String School and Workshop, Tehran Iran, April 2010.

(8) Dispersionless Integrable Systems in Twistor Theory. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems. L'Ametlla de Mar Spain, June 2007.

(9) Anti-Self-Dual Conformal Structures in Split Signature. Xi-transform. Banff Canada 2007.

(10) Einstein--Maxwell Gravitational Instantons. General Relativity and Gravitation, Sydney Australia, July 2007.

(11) Twistor Transform. A talk aimed at undergraduate students, given to the Trinity Mathematical Society.

(12) Topology and Dynamics of Time Dependent Unitons. Integrable Systems in Applied Mathematics, Madrid Spain, September 2006.

(13) Do we live in eleven dimensions?. A popular talk aimed at school children, given at the 42 Lecture Series at the Perse School in Cambridge in February 2012.

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