David Tong, Theoretical Physicist: A Collection of Talks and Presentations

David Tong: Talks and Presentations

Below is a collection of presentations and conference proceedings. All are aimed at research physicists. More accessible, popular talks, together with some videos and essays can be found on my outreach page.

Community Service

  • How to Give a Good Talk

    This was given at a summer school for PhD students. It contains simple, basic advice on how to avoid some common pitfalls when giving a talk.

  • Here is an update for the covid age: a short (100s) video with some tips on how to teach and give seminars online.


    An introduction to the 2019 Dirac Medalists

    Comments on 3d dualities at MIT.

    Chiral Fermions, at Harvard on Zoom.

    Boundary Conditions for Fermions, on Zoom.


    Supersymmetry and the Quantum Hall Effect, at ICTS, Bangalore.

Colloquium Level Presentations

  • The Quantum Hall Effect PDF  (8 Mb)
  • Thoughts on Quantum Gravity PDF  (4 Mb)
  • What is (Perturbative) String Theory? PDF  (2 Mb)
  • Magnetic Monopoles PDF  (4 Mb)
  • Why the Continuum is Good Model of the World PDF  (1.5 Mb)
  • What Would Newton Do? (annotated)   PDF  (3 Mb)
  • Is String Theory Right or is it Just Useful?   PDF  (400 kb)
  • Geometry Through the Eyes of Physics PDF  (5 Mb)
  • From Quarks to Quantum Gravity PDF  (2 Mb)

Technical Presentations

  • Gapped Chiral Fermions PDF  (17 Mb)
  • Boundary States for Fermions PDF  (12 Mb)
  • A New 5d Non-Supersymmetric Fixed Point? PDF  (9 Mb)
  • 2d Dualities Revisited PDF  (9 Mb)
  • What is the Gauge Group of the Standard Model? PDF  (8 Mb)
  • Particle-Vortex Duality PDF  (8 Mb)
  • Quantum Hall Matrix Models PDF  (20 Mb)
  • Non-Relativistic Superconformal Theories PDF  (11 Mb)
  • Are Black Holes Like Metals? PDF  (7 Mb)
  • Quantum Dynamics of Supergravity PDF  (7 Mb)
  • Holography with Large N=4 PDF  (7 Mb)
  • Gauge Dynamics and Topological Insulators PDF  (7 Mb)
  • Holographic Dual of the Lowest Landau Level PDF  (8 Mb)
  • Optical Conductivity from a Holographic Lattice PDF  (9 Mb)
  • Two Stories of Magnetic Catalysis PDF  (5 Mb)
  • Monopoles, Lattices and Holography PDF  (660 kb)
  • Inching Towards Strange Metallic Holography PDF  (260 kb)
  • The Partonic Nature of Instantons PDF  (250 kb)
  • Berry Phase and Supersymmetry PDF  (450 kb)
  • Heterotic Vortex Strings PDF  (230 kb)
  • Quantum Vortex Strings PDF  (230 kb)
  • The Flop and the Glop (Topology Change in String Theory)   PDF  (350 kb)
  • A Review of Solitons in Gauge Theories PDF  (610 kb)
  • D-Branes in Field Theory   PDF  (1.0 Mb)
  • How to Mimic a Cosmic Superstring PDF  (2.0 Mb)

Conference Proceedings