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Ron Horgan

Professor in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Research Interests :   Quantum and Statistical Field Theory,   Lattice Field Theory,   Statistical Mechanics,
Diffusion and Transport Processes.

Recent Publications

Available lecture notes :

        Nat. Sci. Maths III (Part IA):
                linear algebra : Postscript, PDF.
                PDE and series : Postscript, PDF.
            (These notes are from the course in 2006).

        Quantum Physics (Part IIA) : Postscript, PDF.
            (These notes are from the course in 2004).

        Statistical Physics (Part IIB) : Postscript, PDF
            (These notes are from the course in 2005).

        Applications of Quantum Mechanics (Part II, D course) : PDF
            (These notes are for the course in Lent 2012 and may be updated from time to time).
            Pictures of Brillouin zones: (PDF)

        Principles of Quantum Mechanics (2014 Part II, D course) : PDF

        Statistical Field Theory (Part III) : PDF
            Book list for this course as separate document: Postscript, PDF
            Examples-1: (PDF)     Draft answers: (PDF)
            Examples-2: (PDF)     Draft answers: (PDF)
            Examples-3: (PDF)     Draft answers: (PDF)

        Old notes on Critical Phenomena and Statistical Field Theory (Part III) : PDF
            (These notes are from and earlier Lent Term course and contains some
            different material compared with the current course. They might be of some interest.)

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