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Dr David Stuart


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Reader, joint in DAMTP and DPMMS.


Research Interests : Partial Differential Equations. Classical field equations.

Publication list Publications (PDF, 90 KBytes).

Recent publications Geodesics and the Einstein nonlinear wave system (Postscript, 1600 KBytes).

Recent publications The geodesic hypothesis and non-topological solitons on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds (Postscript, 2400 KBytes).

Recent publications On Asymptotic Stability of Solitary Waves in Schroedinger Equation Coupled to Nonlinear Oscillator (PDF, 334 KBytes).

Recent publications Analysis of the adiabatic limit for solitons in classical field theory (PDF, 304 KBytes).

Recent publications Existence and regularity for generalised harmonic maps associated to a nonlocal polyconvex energy of Skyrme type (PDF, 345 KBytes).

Recent publications Adiabatic limit and the slow motion of vortices in a Chern-Simons-Schroedinger system (PDF, 310KBytes).

Recent publications Effective dynamics for solitons in the nonlinear Klein Gordon Maxwell system and the Lorentz force law (PDF, 423KBytes).

Recent publications Existence and Newtonian limit of nonlinear bound states in the Einstein-Dirac system (PDF, 232KBytes).

Recent publications Weak-strong uniqueness of dissipative measure-valued solutions for polyconvex elastodynamics (PDF, 412KBytes).


Joshi-Wassermann Lecture Notes on PDEs (PDF, 550 KBytes).

PDE Example sheet 1 PDE examples 1 (PDF, 114 KBytes).

PDE Example sheet 2 PDE examples 2 (PDF, 115 KBytes).

PDE Example sheet 3 PDE examples 3 (PDF, 98 KBytes).

PDE Example sheet 4 PDE examples 4 (PDF, 152 KBytes).

Address : DAMTP,
Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
Wilberforce Road,
Cambridge CB3 0WA

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Telephone : +44 1223 3 37849
Fax : +44 1223 7 66883

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