Solar Plasma Spectroscopy: Achievements And Future Challenges
DAMTP, University of Cambridge, 13-15 September 2010

    Session A (Introduction and Historical Perspective)

  1. Giulio Del Zanna - Introduction to the meeting (video)

  2. Peter Haynes - Welcome (video)

  3. George Doschek - High Resolution X-ray and UV Solar Spectroscopy: Past Achievements and Future Directions (pdf) (video)

  4. Peter Young - UV spectroscopy in the SOHO era. (pdf) (video)

  5. Session B (UV and X-ray Observations)

  6. Len Culhane - The Role of XUV and Soft X-ray Observations in Understanding the Solar Corona. (pdf) (video)

  7. Leon Golub - Observing the EUV Sun: How Far Have We Come ? (video)

  8. Enrico Landi - Plasma diagnostics of a CME associated current sheet. ~(pdf) (video)

  9. Fabio Reale - Coronal Fuzzines modeled with pulse-heated multi-stranded loop system. (pdf) (video)

  10. Laurent Dolla - On the nature of the spectral line broadening in solar coronal dimmings. (pdf) (video)

  11. Louise Harra - Using spectroscopy to understand the source of coronal mass ejections. (pdf) (video)

  12. Session C (UV and X-ray Diagnostics)

  13. Alan Gabriel - Atomic Spectroscopy and the Solar Atmosphere; a fruitful partnership. (pdf) (video)

  14. Ken Phillips - Importance of iron in solar physics. (pdf) (video)

  15. Ken Dere - The CHIANTI atomic database. (pdf) (video)

  16. Elena Dzifcakova - Can kappa-distributions explain observed intensities of Si III lines in the transition region ? (pdf) (video)

  17. Jaroslav Dudik - The effect of non-thermal distributions on coronal radiative losses. (pdf) (video)

  18. Session D (Atomic and Laboratory Physics)

  19. Carole Jordan - New line identifications in solar and stellar spectra between 1300 and 1400 A

  20. Nigel Badnell - Atomic Processes for Astrophysical Plasmas. (pdf) (video)

  21. Hugh Summers - Population structure of atoms and ions in plasmas. (pdf) (video)

  22. Tetsuya Watanabe - Iron Line Diagnostics of Non-Equilibrium Plasma in Solar and Laboratory Plasmas. (pdf) (video)

  23. Peter Storey - Excitation of the Fe XIV spectrum in the Sun, stars and Seyfert galaxies; reconciling theory, observations and experiment. (pdf) (video)

  24. Jacques Dubau - Atomic data for non-thermal electron excitation of coronal ions. (pdf) (video)

  25. Brian Fawcett - Some foundations for classification of spectra of highly ionized atoms and their impact on collision physics. (pdf) (video)

  26. Giulio Del Zanna - Benchmarking atomic data for astrophysical applications. (pdf) (video)

  27. Claudio Mendoza - VAMDC: atomic data production, curation, management and preservation in data-intensive e-science. (pdf) (video)

  28. Session E (Solar Atmosphere: From the Photosphere to the Corona)

  29. Alan Hood - Flux Emergence. (pdf) (video)

  30. Amy Winebarger - Steady Heating Model of an Active Region Core. (pdf) (video)

  31. Petr Heinzel - Non-thermal Collisional Processes in Solar Flares. (pdf) (video)

  32. Celine Boutry - Magnetic topology around a downflow towards AR10943: a largescale flow from AR10942 ? (pdf) (video)

  33. Valentina Zharkova - Non-thermal effects in H-alpha emission observed in flare 25 July 2004. (pdf) (video)

  34. Session F (Flares and Coronal Heating)

  35. James Klimchuk - Why We Need Spectroscopy to Solve the Coronal Heating Problem ? (pdf) (video)

  36. Lyndsay Fletcher - Solar flare particle acceleration - a spectroscopic viewpoint. (pdf) (video)

  37. Hugh Hudson - The optical and UV continuum in the impulsive phase. (pdf) (video)

  38. Costis Gontikakis - Study of a microflare observed with SUMER presenting resonant scattering in the C IV 1548, 1550 lines. (pdf) (video)

  39. Giota Petkaki - Anomalous resistivity in solar and space plasmas. (pdf) (video)

  40. Urmila Mitra Kraev - Solar flare observations. (pdf) (video)

  41. Session G (Coronal Loops)

  42. Susanna Parenti - Coronal Loops Observations. (pdf) (video)

  43. Stephen Bradshaw - Non-equilibrium process in the Solar Corona. (pdf) (video)

  44. Robert Walsh - Multi-thread loop modelling and observed red-shift downflows. (video)

  45. Dipankar Banerjee - Propagating waves within coronal loops. (pdf) (video)

  46. Vincenzo Andretta - Physical structure of solar cool loops. (pdf) (video)

  47. Durgesh Tripathi - Using Active Region Moss to Examine Heating in Hot Core Loops. (pdf) (video)

  48. Brendan O'Dwyer - SDO/AIA response to coronal hole, quiet Sun, active region and flare plamsa. (pdf) (video)

  49. Caroline Alexander - Coronal loop analysis with combined Hinode and SDO observations. (pdf) (video)

  50. Nicholeen Viall - Heating of Coronal Loops: Comparing SDO light curves with nanoflare heating models. (pdf) (video)

  51. Sergio Terzo - Single-filter temperature diagnostics of an active region observed with Hinode/XRT. (pdf) (video)

  52. Roberto Susino - EUV spectal lines properties in impulsively heated multi-stranded coronal loops. (pdf) (video)

  53. Moisey Livshits - Multi-temperature model for post-eruptive coronal loops observed at the EUV-range and microwaves. (pdf) (video)

  54. Session H (Future Challenges)

  55. Leon Golub - SDO (video)

  56. Richard Harrison - Solar Orbiter. (pdf) (video)

  57. Rajmal Jain - X-ray Diagnostics of Fe and Fe/Ni line Features seen during Solar Flares (pdf)

  58. Simon Bandler - High Spectral Resolution, High Cadence, Imaging X-ray Microcalorimeters for Solar Physics. (pdf) (video)

  59. Peter Young - Conference summary and discussion (video)

  60. Durgesh Tripathi - Closing remarks (video)

  61. Posters

  62. Daniel Wolf Savin - Title: Ionization and Recombination Measurements at the Heidelberg Heavy Ion Storage Ring TSR (pdf)

  63. Randall Smith - Title: X-ray Diagnostics of Solar Plasmas from a Broadband Imaging High-Resolution Spectrometer

  64. Nicolas Labrosse - Title: EUV lines observed by EIS/Hinode in a solar prominence (pdf)

  65. Nicolas Labrosse - Title: Prominence plasma diagnostic with EIS/Hinode (pdf)

  66. Alena Kulinova - Title: Diagnostics of non-thermal electron distributions in solar flares from RESIK and RHESSI spectra

  67. Guiyun Liang - Title: Calculation and application of R-matrix electron-impact excitation data (pdf)

  68. Jean-Claude Vial - Title: Is there something wrong with the conventional Transition Region ?

  69. Michael Hahn - Title: Properties of the Solar Corona above a Polar Coronal Hole during the Solar Minimum in 2007 (pdf)

  70. Stanislav Gunar - Title: Prominence fine structures and corresponding differential emission (pdf)

  71. Jaroslav Dudik - Title: On the modelling of the active region EUV and X-Ray emission

  72. Valentina Zharkova - Title: On diagnostics of electron beams from HXR and polariation emission from precipitation models with electric field

  73. Petr Heinzel - Title: EUV and X-ray Diagnostics of Prominences and Their Cavities

Giulio Del Zanna 2010-11-22