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Research interests: Quantum Field Theory

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Transcript of 1993 Dirac Lecture by Sidney Coleman "Quantum Mechanics With The Gloves Off" here

Some old papers not available on the Archive which may be of interest still.

Analogs of the c-theorem for four dimensional renormalisable field theories,
published in Nuclear Physics B343, 647-688 (1990), available here

Weyl consistency conditions and a local renormalisation group equation for general renormalisable theories
published in Nuclear Physics B363, 486-526 (1991), available here

Local renormalization group equations in quantum field theory
Proceedings of the XXV international symposium, Arenshoop, on the theory of elementary particles, Desy preprint 1992, p 182-192, and also in Renormalization Group '91, World Scientific, Singapore (1992), p 128-138, available here

Never completed paper on three dimensional superconformal symmetry here

and also on conformal symmetry and exact RG equations here

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