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Hugh Osborn

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Research interests: Quantum Field Theory

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Some old papers not available on the Archive which may be of interest still.

Analogs of the c-theorem for four dimensional renormalisable field theories,
published in Nuclear Physics B343, 647-688 (1990), available here

Weyl consistency conditions and a local renormalisation group equation for general renormalisable theories
published in Nuclear Physics B363, 486-526 (1991), available here

Local renormalization group equations in quantum field theory
Proceedings of the XXV international symposium, Arenshoop, on the theory of elementary particles, Desy preprint 1992, p 182-192, and also in Renormalization Group '91, World Scientific, Singapore (1992), p 128-138, available here

Never completed paper on three dimensional superconformal symmetry here

and also on conformal symmetry and exact RG equations here

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