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Part III Examples and some Lecture Notes

Details on obtaining and updating the source of DAMTP examples. (This is aimed at DAMTP Unix account holders only.), and the list of course codes and titles referred to in these pages.

Examples Sheets for Mathematical Tripos courses run by DPMMS are available from the DPMMS website.

These example sheets are available in PostScript and Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). Adobe Acrobat Reader is a freely available reader for pdf files. With it you will be able to display and print the example sheets and lecture notes below.

CodeDescriptionPDFPostScriptLast Updated
3A1aAstrophysical Fluid Dynamics: Example Sheet 13A1a.pdf (61.6KB) (335.3KB)Thu 14 Jan 2021
3A1bAstrophysical Fluid Dynamics: Example Sheet 23A1b.pdf (56.7KB) (306.1KB)Thu 14 Jan 2021
3A1cAstrophysical Fluid Dynamics: Example Sheet 33A1c.pdf (53.9KB) (242.4KB)Thu 14 Jan 2021
3A1dAstrophysical Fluid Dynamics: Example Sheet 43A1d.pdf (55.1KB) (271.5KB)Thu 14 Jan 2021
3A2aStructure and Evolution of Stars: Examples Sheet I3A2a.pdf (40.3KB) (207.7KB)Thu 5 Oct 2023
3A2bStructure and Evolution of Stars: Examples Sheet II3A2b.pdf (40.8KB) (206.4KB)Thu 5 Oct 2023
3A2cStructure and Evolution of Stars: Examples Sheet III3A2c.pdf (53.8KB) (214.1KB)Thu 5 Oct 2023
3A2dStructure and Evolution of Stars: Examples Sheet IV3A2d.pdf (47.8KB) (208.6KB)Tue 28 Nov 2023
3A7aDynamics of Astrophysical Discs: Example Sheet 13A7a.pdf (68.4KB) (281.1KB)Tue 24 Jan 2023
3A7bDynamics of Astrophysical Discs: Example Sheet 23A7b.pdf (60.8KB) (275.4KB)Tue 7 Mar 2023
3A7cDynamics of Astrophysical Discs: Example Sheet 33A7c.pdf (47.2KB) (229.1KB)Tue 7 Mar 2023
3A10aBinary Stars: Examples Sheet I3A10a.pdf (44.1KB) (205.6KB)Wed 26 Jan 2022
3A10bBinary Stars: Examples Sheet II3A10b.pdf (61.6KB) (254.0KB)Wed 26 Jan 2022
3A10cBinary Stars: Examples Sheet III3A10c.pdf (58.9KB) (233.9KB)Wed 26 Jan 2022
3A14aExtrasolar Planets: Example Sheet 13A14a.pdf (126.8KB) (667.8KB)Mon 23 Nov 2015
3A14bExtrasolar Planets: Example Sheet 23A14b.pdf (89.6KB) (316.3KB)Mon 23 Nov 2015
3A14cExtrasolar Planets: Example Sheet 33A14c.pdf (54.4KB) (254.5KB)Mon 23 Nov 2015
3A14dExtrasolar Planets: Example Sheet 43A14d.pdf (41.9KB) (226.7KB)Tue 22 Dec 2015
3C7aPerturbation Methods: Example Sheet 13C7a.pdf (330.8KB) (1.4MB)Tue 9 May 2023
3C7bPerturbation Methods: Example Sheet 23C7b.pdf (177.0KB) (759.8KB)Tue 9 May 2023
3C7cPerturbation Methods: Example Sheet 33C7c.pdf (66.2KB) (374.9KB)Tue 9 May 2023
3C7dPerturbation Methods: Revision Questions3C7d.pdf (29.5KB) (175.0KB)Tue 9 May 2023
3C10aQuantum Fluids3C10a.pdf (52.4KB) (291.6KB)Wed 1 Feb 2017
3C10bQuantum Fluids3C10b.pdf (45.2KB) (238.6KB)Sun 26 Feb 2017
3C10cQuantum Fluids3C10c.pdf (50.3KB) (232.8KB)Mon 22 May 2017
3N2aNumerical Solution of Differential Equations3N2a.pdf (732.7KB)N/AThu 23 Nov 2006
3N6aDistribution Theory and Applications3N6a.pdf (55.6KB) (294.1KB)Thu 8 Oct 2020
3N6bDistribution Theory and Applications3N6b.pdf (55.5KB) (316.7KB)Thu 8 Oct 2020
3N6cDistribution Theory and Applications3N6c.pdf (65.8KB) (378.6KB)Thu 8 Oct 2020
3N15Boundary Value Problems for Linear PDEs3N15.pdf (508.4KB)N/AThu 26 Jan 2017
3N18aHybrid Photonics Computing: Examples Sheet 13N18a.pdf (65.8KB) (315.4KB)Fri 28 Feb 2020
3N18bHybrid Photonics Computing: Examples Sheet 23N18b.pdf (79.4KB) (358.9KB)Fri 28 Feb 2020
3N18cHybrid Photonics Computing: Examples Sheet 33N18c.pdf (75.2KB) (354.3KB)Fri 28 Feb 2020
3P1aQuantum Field Theory 13P1a.pdf (60.2KB) (310.7KB)Tue 24 Oct 2023
3P1bQuantum Field Theory 23P1b.pdf (55.0KB) (303.0KB)Tue 24 Oct 2023
3P1cQuantum Field Theory 33P1c.pdf (62.8KB) (331.5KB)Mon 13 Nov 2023
3P1dQuantum Field Theory 43P1d.pdf (105.9KB) (4.1MB)Mon 4 Dec 2023
3P1lQuantum Field Theory: notes on cross sections and decay rates3P1l.pdf (61.2KB) (384.9KB)Thu 4 Jul 2019
3P2Symmetries, Fields and Particles: Notes3P2.pdf (693.8KB)N/AWed 24 Sep 2014
3P2aSymmetries, Fields and Particles 13P2a.pdf (51.8KB) (244.0KB)Tue 10 Oct 2023
3P2bSymmetries, Fields and Particles 23P2b.pdf (85.5KB) (398.2KB)Tue 31 Oct 2023
3P2cSymmetries, Fields and Particles 33P2c.pdf (71.4KB) (319.8KB)Fri 24 Nov 2023
3P2dSymmetries, Fields and Particles 43P2d.pdf (54.9KB) (273.9KB)Thu 30 Nov 2023
3P2LbPart I: Lecture notes by Professor Hugh Osborn3P2Lb.pdf (804.2KB)N/AMon 10 Oct 2011
3P2LcPart II: Lecture notes by Dr. Jan Gutowski3P2Lc.pdf (215.8KB)N/AMon 10 Oct 2011
3P3aStatistical Field Theory: Example Sheet 13P3a.pdf (66.1KB) (319.5KB)Thu 16 Nov 2023
3P3bStatistical Field Theory: Example Sheet 23P3b.pdf (70.2KB) (328.9KB)Fri 17 Nov 2023
3P3cStatistical Field Theory: Example Sheet 33P3c.pdf (74.9KB) (370.6KB)Fri 17 Nov 2023
3P4aStandard Model: Examples Sheet 13P4a.pdf (52.4KB) (241.2KB)Mon 29 Jan 2024
3P5aAdvanced Quantum Field Theory: 2012 Notes3P5a.pdf (1.3MB) (2.5MB)Sun 30 Jun 2013
3P5bAdvanced Quantum Field Theory: Example Sheet 13P5b.pdf (73.0KB) (435.4KB)Fri 18 Feb 2022
3P5cAdvanced Quantum Field Theory: Example Sheet 23P5c.pdf (48.0KB) (247.1KB)Fri 18 Feb 2022
3P5dAdvanced Quantum Field Theory: Example Sheet 33P5d.pdf (39.7KB) (227.3KB)Wed 2 Mar 2022
3P5eAdvanced Quantum Field Theory: Example Sheet 43P5e.pdf (42.9KB) (235.9KB)Tue 29 Mar 2022
3P6aString Theory 13P6a.pdf (52.7KB) (336.0KB)Mon 30 Jan 2023
3P6bString Theory 23P6b.pdf (51.4KB) (326.0KB)Mon 30 Jan 2023
3P6cString Theory 33P6c.pdf (59.1KB) (348.2KB)Mon 6 Feb 2023
3P6dString Theory 43P6d.pdf (65.9KB) (403.7KB)Mon 30 Jan 2023
3P7aSupersymmetry 13P7a.pdf (106.8KB)N/AThu 20 Jan 2022
3P7bSupersymmetry 23P7b.pdf (93.9KB)N/AMon 14 Feb 2022
3P7cSupersymmetry 33P7c.pdf (140.6KB)N/AWed 18 Mar 2020
3P7dSupersymmetry3P7d.pdf (54.3KB) (349.8KB)Thu 26 Mar 2015
3P11aClassical and Quantum Solitons3P11a.pdf (43.6KB) (214.3KB)Tue 20 Apr 2021
3P11bClassical and Quantum Solitons3P11b.pdf (54.2KB) (235.5KB)Sun 5 May 2019
3P11cNotes on Vortices3P11c.pdf (134.6KB) (474.8KB)Thu 11 May 2017
3P11dClassical and Quantum Solitons3P11d.pdf (38.3KB) (190.8KB)Mon 13 May 2019
3P11eClassical and Quantum Solitons - Notes3P11e.pdf (3.1MB)N/ATue 20 Apr 2021
3R1aGeneral Relativity3R1a.pdf (48.5KB) (253.2KB)Mon 4 Nov 2019
3R1bGeneral Relativity3R1b.pdf (50.9KB) (266.9KB)Tue 5 Nov 2019
3R1cGeneral Relativity3R1c.pdf (57.7KB) (234.0KB)Sun 24 Nov 2019
3R1dGeneral Relativity3R1d.pdf (55.7KB) (262.7KB)Wed 30 Oct 2019
3R2aCosmology3R2a.pdf (49.2KB) (243.3KB)Mon 23 Nov 2015
3R2bCosmology3R2b.pdf (42.4KB) (203.4KB)Mon 23 Nov 2015
3R2cCosmology3R2c.pdf (64.6KB) (313.7KB)Wed 1 Nov 2017
3R2dCosmology3R2d.pdf (74.4KB) (303.0KB)Wed 2 Dec 2015
3R2LaCosmology Lecture Notes3R2La.pdf (29.7MB)N/AWed 18 Oct 2017
3R3aBlack Holes: Example Sheet 13R3a.pdf (57.5KB) (270.4KB)Fri 27 Jan 2023
3R3bBlack Holes: Example Sheet 23R3b.pdf (49.4KB) (255.0KB)Fri 27 Jan 2023
3R3cBlack Holes: Example Sheet 33R3c.pdf (59.6KB) (260.5KB)Fri 27 Jan 2023
3R3dBlack Holes: Example Sheet 43R3d.pdf (62.3KB) (302.6KB)Fri 27 Jan 2023
3R6aApplications of Differential Geometry to Physics3R6a.pdf (68.8KB) (282.2KB)Wed 29 Jan 2020
3R6bApplications of Differential Geometry to Physics3R6b.pdf (46.5KB) (218.1KB)Wed 29 Jan 2020