Lecture Notes and Handouts

This page contains lecture notes, handouts and problem sheets for the courses Dynamics from Part IA of the Mathematical Tripos, Computational Projects (otherwise known as CATAM) from Parts IB and II of the Mathematical Tripos and Mathematical Methods II for Part IB of the Natural Sciences Tripos at the University of Cambridge.

These are not guaranteed to be complete: indeed, all the diagrams are missing (as they are hand-drawn in the originals). Furthermore, the files date back to the last time I lectured the course in question: 2007 in the cases of Dynamics and Computational Projects, and 2002 for Mathematical Methods II.

Material in small type within the notes (separated from the main text by horizontal rules) indicates advanced or non-examinable topics.

Each file may be downloaded as a PDF. All are © 2000–7 Dr R. E. Hunt, and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. I welcome feedback of any form via email.

Dynamics (Mathematical Tripos, Part IA)

Computational Projects (Mathematical Tripos, Parts IB and II)

A (fairly elementary) handout on complexity calculations

Mathematical Methods II (Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IB)

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